why does history repeat itself ?

Why does history repeat itself?

History does repeat itself both on a global scale and in the individual’s life. More importantly why does this happen? Furthermore , why do we never learn from our mistakes. Insanity is never changing how you do things.

So why do we repeat the same behavior expecting the outcome to change? For instance, the rule of cause and effect dictates that if you want a different result you have to change the formula.


cause and effect
Ride the ripples and waves

Every time society gets to a point that cannot be reversed because we have reached a point of no return, only one thing can happen. Furthermore we have to destroy the whole structure and rebuild. War, pandemic, natural disaster or extinction event. As a result we have to go back to basics and realise how far we had drifted away from that of most importance. Man has a desire to better themselves, however they think this entails material success and not soul evolution. Transcendence to the highest possible version of ourselves. Indeed society has not evolved but is now regressing.

History does repeat itself

Why does history repeat itself?

All it needs is a society crippled by a pandemic and a large proportion of the population on it’s knees for some wally to start kicking whilst everyone is down. Similarities between this man and Hitler are many. Narcissism in it’s grandest form. So toxic it travels around the globe. Moreover it is terrifying that one man can have such an energy of power over so many people. How does that happen? Why is that ? How do we allow someone that is clearly dangerously narcissistic and power crazed to become the leader of a country and so many people. A finger on the nuclear button ? Likewise, how do we choose our leaders? Anyone that wants power that much shouldn’t have it and the people that were forced into power have been the best leaders ever.

They don't go for self reflection

It must be said that the best knowledge is self reflection. Unfortunately the people that need to practice this the most are those that don’t. They don’t feel they need to practice self knowledge and reflection. Indeed they feel they are great just the way they are and should show that to the world. One thing I was taught by someone that was a great influence in my teenage and early twenties, said never rest on your laurels. Always look to improve. Maybe society would stop regressing and move forward once more if we all practiced self reflection.

Should one person be in power over a nation ?

Should we put one person in power over a nation

Should one person be put on a pedestal and given that much power over a nation and so many people? Coupled with the surge of ego fuel it gives them, the responsibilities are enormous. The many things that have to be dealt with and thought about everyday. Of course it is shared with a cabinet of people and ultimately the Prime minister reports to the Queen. However the buck stops with that one person and all eyes are on them when things go wrong. We only have to watch PM’s question time and we witness an opportunity for over opinionated and over paid people bully one person. Yes they are paid a lot of money to deal with this but how can anyone human being take that much negativity without losing their sanity?