The state of the world and the price of fish! or fuel

Where will it all end.

When will we stop walking blindly off the edge of the cliff. Never taking responsibility for the repercussions. A younger generation now brought up to insist on nothing short of “perfection” and driven ambition. Failure is not an option. Similarly in my role as a driving instructor I have noticed an increase in anxiety.

Where will it all end.

Being in a car one to one with many of the younger generation I have noticed an increase in quite moderate anxiety of failure. Fear of making mistakes. For instance making mistakes has always made me more determined to do better. Young people now seem to fear the consequences of making the smallest mistakes. As a result we are seeing high levels of anxiety and fear of any learning process. Likewise exam and test nerves seem to be at an all time high. By the same token I have nothing against raising standards and improvement but it seems there is no longer room for knowing what improvement is. Furthermore it seems perfection must be gained on the first attempt.

Do you have the imagination to deal with reality ?

Are we raising a generation of perfectionists that are literally driving themselves insane ? moreover the education system are now too quick to label our kids with ADHD, extremist views etc etc. As a result they then think there is something wrong with them. Together with giving them the notion they can behave badly and use their “diagnosis” as a reason for that. Many children come from broken or dysfunctional families that don’t get into trouble and go on to have successful lives. They are balanced and centered. For that reason I have never been an advocate of labelling kids. They are their own person. They have different characters and can be taught right from wrong. Like all of us as they get older they develop their own idea of that.

collective consciousness
The Ripple Effect

Collective energy and consciousness

As a result of the collective and the energy that tends to be taking over right now we could be on the edge of a world war. We have taught a generation of people to only think of what they want and need. Empathy is being squashed and it is so important to try and be as empathic as possible. The lack of empathy in the collective currently is going to cause a world war if we are not very careful. Why can the mental health of tyranical leaders not be challenged? surely it would be a good idea to keep an eye on them when they are the ones with their fingers on the button.

Comparatively people in jobs that involve trust have to take a CRB check. So why are our so called elected leaders not made to show some level of sanity? We are now seeing history repeating itself. Nazism and the Jewish religion opposed all over again. Should the Russian leader be held accountable for war crimes and murder?

Humans are funny things

For instance using the excuse that President Putin could have a mental condition of some kind. It’s just the same as a kid using an ADHD diagnosis for abusing their teacher or being generally badly behaved. On a much bigger level is he going to use whatever diagnosis he ends up with for genocide ? who said he had the right to murder anyone because he may have a mental condition ? what’s the difference between what he is doing in the name of “justice” or “freedom” and a serial killer that gets executed for his crimes. Their life taken for the ones they took.