Does music trigger your emotions

Are you emotionally triggered by music ?

Or when you hear a song. Can you relate to the emotions of the singer? Do you feel like you know how they are feeling?

Are you an empath?

What triggers you ? Does a certain song make you feel an intense emotion from the past? Some of us are triggered by emotion. Some by visual stimulus first then the emotion. Are you an empath? many are and don’t know it. Empaths are triggered by many things. Unfortunately we tend to get labelled as “problem “children. Some say it’s autism or a personality disorder. But what if it is just plain and simple? We are just sensitive and very aware of our surroundings.

So what triggers you ?

Follow the link on the image . See if you have any of the traits. Are you an empath? I am triggered by crowds mainly. Then next is loud noise. Next on my list is fake people and conflict. These are all pretty common. But, are you triggered by all of them. By triggered, I mean, makes you feel panic. As a result you have to get away quickly.

What triggers us?

Triggers are when the stimulus triggers the brain into hyperactivity. The Limbic system lights up like Blackpool!! Some say that Empaths use their pineal gland. We all use it but some more than others. The reason empaths are triggered so easily is simple. We pick up the energy field around others. Like a sponge, we literally feel our own emotions, and pick up on other peoples. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the two apart. Empaths tend to suffer compassion fatigue. Some call it emotional exhaustion. Being empathic can have it’s downside. For instance, If you live with someone with mental health. As an empath you would be picking up on their emotions. This can be very draining.

How can you help yourself?

Be at peace with yourself
Meditation Course Be at peace with yourself. we come back to meditation again

We come back to meditation again! it really does seem to have no down side. Focus and clearing the mind. As a result we can sort out which emotions are ours. Clear away the ones that don’t belong to us. Being an empath, it’s important to look after yourself. It’s a great gift, being able to tune in to others. Especially those close to you. However it can be overwhelming. Make sure you learn how to switch the outside world off.

do you get overwhelmed easily

Do you hate crowds?

Do you hate crowds? I do. Do they make your head race? or make you feel hemmed in . Like you want to run. You are merely picking up on the energy of everyone else around you. So you are not weird! When a crowded shop or room seems to buzz. It can make you feel heavy and flustered. I find it difficult to sit next to someone that fidgets for any length of time. I have since found out that it’s because they are giving off nervous energy.