what makes a narcissistic miserable
Children of Narcissistic parents.

What makes a narcissistic miserable …well cutting off the supply of ego food for a start. They are the kind of people that make themselves feel better by making the people that love them the most feel like rubbish. Gaslighting is something they do regularly. It’s important to say I think that having been in an 8 year relationship. living with a male narcissist that even out shone my mum in the art of gaslighting.

What makes a narcissistic miserable

Children of Narcissistic parents.


Narcissists hate getting old, which is very different to being young at heart by the way. I am talking about someone who looks in the mirror and resents the aging process. That looks at their partner and has to make them feel the same about their bodies. In turn this makes our narcissist feel alot better about their own looks.

Being exposed

Telling stories about themselves that always make them look better to others .Always base the story on a small amount of truth. That way it’s believable. The defensive rage will start. To try and make you back off.

Lying and cheating is a way of life for them. Being found out is an inconvenience. The attention they love the most is being adored. Adoration has to be ongoing. It’s like feeding an ever hungry child.

Professional victims

Never taking responsibility for their actions. Narcissists are always victims. Never the perpetrator. Using disapproval as a weapon they are keeping you constantly looking for their acceptance and love.

What makes a narcissistic miserable

Love is not good enough, you cannot get away with just loving a narcissist , it’s adoration and devotion or go ! Often when you try and leave they will love bomb you in the name of trying to help you improve.

Love bombing is a desperate act used by narcs and gaslighters the world over. The chips are down, the fire needs reigniting. Romance will be the name of the game for a very limited period. By the same token they will have been observing what makes you tick for ages. They will know just what to say. Likewise they will charm any children you have to get back in your good books.


Together with the love bombing they will also use all your past mistakes against you. Furthermore, in a very short space of time you will be hating the sight of your self. Thus ending up back under their control. in the light of this victory, the crowing will start.

Watch out for the next episode and Narcissistic rage. Not to mention slowly finding out that people you have never met know everything about you. Surprise surprise they know all the bad bits. To say nothing of getting further down the line and you find the courage to actually walk away.