What is "Love"
RELATIONSHIPS..are we meant to meet certain people ?

What is “Love” until quite recently i thought i knew what that word meant. A relationship that started way back when I was has taught me the most surprising things about that word we tend to throw around like we own it.


What is “Love”

What does it mean to you? is it an affection that deepens. Maybe you feel it comes in many different forms and I would agree with you. However with the evolution of the human relationship, how do we now define that word? As a matter of fact it’s not as easy as it sounds. In recent years a relationship that started when I was 18 was reignited. Important now to say that until then I looked back on said relationship with confusion and some negativity. Misunderstanding has to be the biggest killer of relationships going.

is communication the key

Is communication the answer?

Coupled with the unwanted interference of outsiders, bad communication skills seem to be the biggest killers of relationships .With this in mind maybe we need to look at why we feel the need to involve others in our intimate connections. Two’s company and three is a crowd. There is a lot of truth in that saying. Why do we feel the need to set up a little circle of friends that become “dating war command”. Surely the word intimate is exactly that ? nobody else should be involved. If we have something bothering us, our partner should be the first port of call.

"trust " the magic word

“Trust” the magic word

Trust seems to be the most important ingredient. It’s not just about being physically and emotionally loyal to your partner either. Trust is about being able to tell your partner anything and then NOT finding it on social media the next day. It is not up to your partner to make up for a previous betrayal either. Current relationships are exactly that, current and that is something I have only just learnt at the ripe age of 51. Never too late to learn.