What is "Baby Brain"?
Baby Brain? What is it

Did you experience “Baby Brain”?

“Baby Brain” is a term used for short term memory loss and general forgetfulness during pregnancy. Many women report the experience of forgetting to pay for items when shopping. They simply forget to go to the checkout and pay for it. Normally it would be an automatic routine to go into a shop for something you need and then go to the checkout and pay. During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, many women experience being forgetful.

Is “Baby Brain” temporary?

When I had both my daughters, I suffered “Baby Brain”. It generally kicks in during the third trimester. With myself it seemed to be lack of sleep and the hormonal changes during the three stages of pregnancy. Your life changes beyond recognition and your focus is on this tiny new life you are growing. it seems to be a mixture of sheer joy, nesting instinct, strange cravings, cleaning your house like it’s an operating theatre and preparing for motherhood. Most people find it funny and the affects seem to be temporary. I know I forgot what day it was.

Because the chemical and hormonal changes are temporary, then any memory loss seems to be temporary and for most women this affect of pregnancy stops as dramatically with child birth.

How can you help yourself ?

Meditation is a good way of toning down the anxieties of pregnancy and impending motherhood. The huge changes this time brings to our lives. Practicing meditation throughout pregnancy can also help with sleep deprivation and help you to fall asleep when the size of your bump starts to increase and you just can’t get comfortable. Mindfulness and Manifestation

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