What flicks your switch
Anger and aggression

What flicks your switch? everyone is different and we all have that handful of things that flick our switch. What flicks yours? It doesn’t have to be negative, such as flicking the old “bitch switch” Certain character traits in others. Coupled with situations that make us uncomfortable. It’s not just anger that tends to be triggered but panic. Panic attacks are started by triggers.

storms tend to trigger


Triggers are emotional and many stimuli can trigger emotional responses. Coupled with the unconscious and subconscious responses, the amygdala decides which emotion is actually appropriate. In light of all this it’s safe to say that the amygdala plays a huge part of who we are. . Many believe that our emotions only originate from the mind. It’s a fact that some emotion really does come from the heart.

Making sure the head and heart are in harmony.

keep the heart balanced

What flicks your switch?

How many times have you said or felt conflicted between the head and the heart? as a matter of fact many of us spend a lot of time in that state of flux. In addition to the brain the heart muscles have receptors that store memory and emotion. Not only do these receptors send messages to the brain, they store memory. In the same fashion when we learn a new skill we use muscle memory. Repeating the task over and over again until it is automatic. Many everyday tasks become second nature. Driving a car or riding a bike. Similarly once it’s locked into our memory we never forget how to do it,

The way to make sure our bodies and minds stay healthy is to have the head and the heart in harmony. Sounds easy? Not really. Keeping the two in agreement is difficult. The brain will receive emotional messages from the heart and question them every time. Again this is what puts us into the common conflict. Stress is an emotion and we store it.

can you die of a broken heart
Broken Heart with Band Aid

It is possible to die of a broken heart

You’ve heard the saying ” he died of a broken heart “. Used in fairy tales and bad romance novels the world over. Although it is possible. We store stress in the body and in the heart muscles. This stress takes it’s toll on the heart and the rest of the body for that matter. In light of that those who have suffered trauma and emotional hardship tend to be more given to heart disease. Emotional traumas take their toll on the brain too, causing headaches and migraine attacks. Pressure on the brain is dangerous and severe head pain can affect eyesight and concentration also.

head and heart in balance

It’s a fact that happy people live longer and there are ways to stay as positive as possible. The ability to turn negative emotion to the positive. Be as pragmatic as you possibly can about sad events. Turn as many negative thought patterns around as you can and make something good come out of them. It’s true that there can be a thin line between wishful thinking and positive thinking. However there is a difference. It is possible to take the most negative of situations and find at least one tiny piece of positive energy in it. Sometimes you will have to look real hard but it is there. At times those that find this particularly difficult to do may tell you not to be deluded.

Delusion and illusion are very similar. They are both based on fantasy and this is not what I am saying we should look for. Take the situation and make a list of the facts that make that situation what it is. Only deal with what is real and you can’t go wrong.