WHAT DREAMS MAY COME… Is there a difference between dreaming and consciousness ? Is the physical world we live in the reality we hold on to ? One thing we do know for sure is there are different levels of consciousness. Not to mention the fact that science is starting to merge more and more with the spirit world and the paranormal. The universe itself constantly gives us something to be in awe of. Furthermore, it gives us something else to go on another quest for every time man manages to answer another question. It’s true that there have been many studies into NDE’s and OBE’s. Near death experiences and Out of body experiences.



WHAT DREAMS MAY COME… Lucid dreaming, out of body experience and astral projection. Firstly, they are all the same thing. Furthermore it is possible to project your spirit out of your body and return to it. Astral projection is also referred to as Lucid dreaming. Of course we all dream and sometimes we have dreams that seem so real we wake up feeling disorientated. Have you woken up and for a few seconds had to check where you were and what day it is? I started a dream journal recently, for the simple reason that since I started this website and have client in therapy with me, it is only right that I monitor what goes on in my own head closely. Lucid dreaming is something I am used to though.

WHAT DREAMS MAY COME write it down…..

So when our conscious mind goes to sleep our unconscious mind is free to go on the rampage without a lead. It begs the question of, what happens when the two states of being awake and asleep merge? do they in fact merge sometimes? Try writing a dream journal. Have the notebook beside the bed and when you wake up, make a few notes about the dream straight away so you don’t forget. Many people have reported having experiences where they leave the body and view themselves from either across the room or from above their body. It has happened to me a few times. Therefore if the unconscious mind never sleeps, then it makes sense that part of us, the part that knows we exist, is constantly awake.



Many people have come up with their idea of what happens when we die. Since my NDE my fear of death is nowhere near the same as it was before. As a result you tend to view life very differently. Similarly, little things don’t tend to worry you anymore. Problems that seemed insurmountable before the NDE become minor challenges. Interestingly, those around me that have not had any experiences on that level say ” Sal I love your positive attitude, even if it is sometimes totally unrealistic”. This lady has a point as there is a fine line between delusion and a positive attitude. Where is that line? Where do we cross between being awake and asleep? delusion and positive mindset? fantasy and reality?

By the same token, those that play down my positive attitude are the same people that have a hypocritical view of life also. As a result, they tend to think on the negative more than anything else. More over you find that they had very difficult experience as a child . Spending most of their formative years being constantly disappointed in those they looked up to. Until the NDE, I was one of them.


Most reports of NDE’s are pretty similar and in the main are positive. Many see a tunnel or walkway of some kind leading to a bright white light. In fact pretty much all of them reported seeing their bodies as they left and then being met by loved ones that had already passed on previously. A minority reported a negative or even horrific experience. later seeing it as a wake up call or stark warning over the way they were living their lives currently. In light of this they changed their attitudes and things improved.

There is also a couple of books to recommend for further reading on NDE’s and how they have changed the lives of thousands upon thousands of people.

Dr Raymond Moody ” LIFE AFTER LIFE ”

Dannion Brinkely ” SAVED BY THE LIGHT ” both have fascinating accounts of NDE’s. The effect and how those that have them can learn from them and indeed benefit from them