What does the word “God” mean to you ? .. Many may say they don’t believe religion exists. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to be seen as religious or “bothering”. Extremists have given religion a bad press.

Certainly when I was at comprehensive school, I had a friend that was a Jehovah’s witness. My mother hated her. Because they go from door to door selling their beliefs as if theirs is the only one that matters .Be allowed to make their own mind up without being pushed around. The way they see the world is the only way it should be seen. But all ways of seeing it are relevant.


What does the word “God” mean to you ?

As a matter of fact, not everything we see is the way it is. The favorite saying of many people is ” I will believe it when I see it”. So why do we have to see something to believe it? In my era of the 70’s and 80’s, the doorstep preacher was a weekly thing. In fact you could see them coming a mile off. All dressed pretty much the same way and carrying a briefcase full of “watchtower”. However aren’t those that hate them just as opinionated as the cold preachers themselves? Who is in a position to judge anyone for their beliefs, the way they dress or whether they want to try and get more followers. Many of us do it on social media now all the time. Looking for those that agree with us.

We are in the age of the keyboard warrior. More over anyone now showing their beliefs strongly is branded a nutter ! nothing has changed at all. We just hide behind a keyboard and a filtered selfie. Personally I would like to see everyone given the opportunity to make their own mind up. Information and education to learn all the different viewpoints and beliefs without leaning towards any single one. Importantly let everyone chose the life and path that is right for them as an individual.

good and evil energy

For me the force of good and evil is present all around and within us. The universe had a positive and negative energy. It also needs both to survive. We have to know evil to recognise good. Going through challenges and experiencing the evil present in others is what makes strong enough to be good.

Is there a part of the brain that is different in those who are evil?

So can some people not control the impulse to be evil or do evil? Is there a force of evil so strong that it makes some people become serial killers, rapists or pedophiles.? That for me at least, is the definition of evil. Is there a part of the brain that makes it impossible for them to fight off evil impulses ? We know that psychopaths, sociopaths etc have physical differences in the areas of the brain that control emotion and the processing of that.

The fight between good and evil goes back to the dawn of time. We need a set of guidelines to live with. People can change! this is a miracle I have experienced. But in those who decide to commit evil acts over and over, then evil has indeed taken over. It is easy to change on the outside , but real and lasting change has to come from within. To be seen from the inside out.

loving yourself

If we really want to, we can use the good within to make changes that can be physical. People can actually physically change and look different in appearance when their energy changes. Energy is the fundamental change that must take place. So is this what we mean when we say there is a hole in your soul. Well I guess, like many things it depends on your thoughts and beliefs regarding who you are. Do you actually know who you are?

“stay behind me satan” oh the times I have said that when I have wanted to blow my top

Personal tragedy seems to change all of us. We either become stronger and the in us prevails. We start wanting to help others. the help others get through bad times. The other way we can chose to go is to become bitter, angry and resentful. Left with a need for vengefulness. These emotions left unchecked can be the start of a deeper rot setting in. They eat away until you have that hole in your soul. My own mother and a few of those around, including the wife of a close friend have experienced these negative emotions building until they have eaten a hole in your soul. For me allowing these issues to eat away at your soul is evil being allowed to do it’s work unchallenged.

Allow the good in you to win the fight every time. Personally I don’t believe “God” is a person, it’s the force of good that resides in each and every one of us. Our choice is to use it for good and not let evil take over to the point where we experience evil energy and come out the other side having allowed good to heal us and help us learn from the ordeal. Bad things only happen to those that can make use of it the other side.