I had a weird dream last night

I was thinking as I fell asleep about when two people connect on every level, they have built a connection that transcends what society sees as a normal relationship. What’s normal though? what does the word “relationship” actually mean? What do you think it means ? when we say or write that word most automatically think it means a monogamous relationship between two people of opposite or same sex but a “conventional” intimate relationship.

When you look at the GIF below, which relationship comes into your head? As children, people in my generation and certainly the generations before mine were conditioned to think of an intimate relationship, but even that word “intimate” has a wider meaning. If you have a close friend that you confide in regarding your relationships and health then that is intimate information you are trusting them with. In my eyes, that’s an intimate relationship but not physical. When we break down the structure of a relationship it becomes complex, so no wonder we find them complicated. So is this why, as a society, we created ideas and “pigeon holes ” to put relationships into?

We have already started to recognise and being much more open to wider “pigeon holes” when it comes to relationships. Even adding more of them. With more knowledge of the human mind and it’s working, we can be more diverse, more tolerant and understanding of the ideas we were brought up to misunderstand. Our parents generation was unaware of the knowledge we have now. But lack of tolerance is something that still exists.

Some of us have a life that seems to be like tapping glass and every time loads of cracks appear. When you look around at others, they seem to get away with throwing a sledge hammer at it and it never breaks. Are you like that ? or do you feel it’s so unfair because these things happen to you and you think that “life ” has it in for you? I think that some of us have these challenges so we can become who we are. The universe throws something at the fan and we deal with it so it throws a bigger lump and we get up quicker and stronger that the last time. The stronger we become, the bigger the lumps become because we almost challenge it. When you get back up stronger and tougher each time, you throw down the gauntlet. Do you also find that it plays on the things you fear the most? it could be anything we all have fears, but are they real? if fear is not real then we could overcome anything! All we have to fear is fear itself. Fear is what drives our anxieties and when we allow it to take over it causes depression. I am living proof of allowing fear to take over. It is manageable !! Fear is the worst feeling ever and if you think about it, it’s at the bottom of every crappy thing that happens, every decision we regret, every nightmare.