TWIN FLAMES AND SOUL MATES….a twin flame is rare but it does happen. The likelihood of it happening twice in your life is pretty narrow. Many worry that they won’t know when it is their time but trust me you will just know. Soul mates are those that travel with us through life.

So what is a twin flame ? is it the same as your soul mate ? As a matter of fact soul mates are a strong connection. This can span across a spectrum of relationships. Either being a steady influence over our lives or short term. Twin flames are one soul split into two. Energy so strong that it can be split between two bodies. When you hear someone introduce their ” other half “, it can be literal. Soul mates are two souls tuned into each other.

twin flames

TWIN FLAMES AND SOUL MATES… twin flames come together and burn as one flame

Intense love and passion burn so hot that you can end up on a roller coaster. The trick being balance. Addictive and soul consuming. Communication being the key to keeping this incredible union stable. Once achieved, twin flames evolve and learn from each other. Growing together. Separation can be a steep change but on occasion necessary to know you need each other. Intense emotion felt by these souls is sometimes terrifying. Once mastered it is exactly two souls living as one.


Empathy is strong in these relationships. Knowing how your partner is feeling can manifest as emotional mirroring. Days when you can’t explain the way you feel. 9 times out of 10 you realise your partner feels the same way. Potentially a great strength or a draining issue. We can’t have everything. Again the key to these fantastic relationships is communication. Not as easy as it sounds. Making from occasional painful or difficult conversations. Importantly, you must learn to have them or it’s the emotional roller coaster. Personally they make me feel sick. Emotional roller coaster are draining and damaging to your mental health. Similarly once you have learnt to stop the flame burning out of control, it will be your greatest strength.



Universal energy is the infinite cycle of energy that are souls. Born with the light behind us, as we travel through life we are on a journey home. Back to the light. As we travel through the seasons of life it becomes level with us and slowly overtakes. In the later chapter of life it is in front of us. This is why our auric field goes white shortly before physical death. Our soul is slowly moving back into the light. Where we came from. Born from energy we end up back there . So we spend our lives constantly looking for home . When finally we find our twin flame we feel like we have arrived home. Good reason for that, we have. Safe, passionate and secure. Just like home.

life storms make us stronger

TWIN FLAMES AND SOUL MATES. These connections are unbreakable and life’s rain clouds tend to make it stronger . These relationships are the most significant and life changing. Directional and personally evolutional. Twin flames mirror each other and learn from each other. When you evolve together at the same rate this flame has an incapacity for being extinguished. There is nothing you don’t know about each other and are free to love each other freely and completely . Instead of being your storm they are your shelter from it. When in their company you feel like nothing can hurt you.

The missing piece in your puzzle is finally clicked into the jigsaw. Once this happens and you know this kind of relationship you will likely not find it with anyone else. Soul mate relationships can be platonic and can also be parental in some cases. Some believe that souls reincarnate together over more than one lifetime. Different incarnations see these souls still in our lives but in different positions than the previous one. Each time can depend on which lessons the soul needs to learn.