truth or lies ? can you tell the difference,percept%20t

Truth or lies? can we tell the difference ? we know that the eyes can lie and it depends on whether we are left or right brain dominant . How we perceive and see things depends on whether we are more right or left brain dominant.

Truth or lies? can we tell the difference ?

In light of how humans seem to both value trust and are so good at destroying it. Valuing the truth and at the same time so good at hiding it. Why do we lie to each other and then spend so much time and energy trying to work out which is which. Analytical and mainly dealing in logic are the main characteristics of left brain dominant people. Right brain dominant tend to more subconscious orientated. Believing and interested in the unexplained is the thought process of the right hand side of the brain. Similarly, if you are always following your gut then you mainly use the right hand side of your brain. Taking that into account when a person tells you why they are late for an appointment with you, do you go by your “feeling”? or do you look for evidence of whether they are telling the truth?


Deciding whether to believe a person is difficult for some more than others. I does seem to be easier for those using the right brain more often. There are so many questions in general that can’t be explained by the rational mind that those who are left brain dominant seem to be constantly suspicious of others that cannot produce hard evidence. Innocent people are sometimes wrongly convicted of crimes because the law can only base their decisions on cold hard evidence,

which one are you ???? to be contd