Trust the essential ingredient not as easy as it sounds to keep though. As a matter of fact it takes longer to build it than destroy it. The later can happen in seconds. Is it fair though to saddle the current relationship with the sins of the last?

trust lost in seconds
Broken Heart with Band Aid

Trust the essential ingredient

Trust takes time to build between two people and the more intimate a relationship becomes the more important trust is. Similarly though trust should grow with the depth of intimacy. Coupled with ease of communication. Connection between two people seems to be what makes a relationship in the first place. Depth in that connection determines the level of intimacy. Physical connection is an important ongoing. If the relationship is on a platonic standing then intimacy would level off at verbal communication. Trust is just as important though. Betrayal has a different meaning to some. For many, confidentiality is the key.

the more intimate the relationship

The more intimate the relationship

The more intimate the relationship the fewer people should be involved in it. Important to mention at this point that I have learnt this one through many mistakes. Employment of “dating war command” is not the way to make a long term relationship that evolves and grows in trust. In platonic relationships, the more intimate the information imparted the more precious is the gift you have been given. So sharing it is not an option.

Social media and “dirty laundry”

change in attitude

In some ways social media has helped us find those we thought lost and stay in contact in times like the present when we can’t see each other in person. However, just like any weapon it can destroy a person and/ or your relationship with them. Something else I feel it’s important to say. Social media is great as a business tool and again for times when face to face contact is impossible, but and there’s always a “but” when it is used as a weapon it can devastate like a nuclear bomb. Be very careful what you put out there….