Too much love can kill you! Every time. But what is the right amount of love? Too little is bad for our physical and mental health. So is too much! Leaving us torn between the heart and mind.

Some can love too much. When we have the gift of empathy we can build connections with others that are deeper than any other. The flip side of that is the pain we feel when the connection is broken or lost. Even on temporary levels the pain can be devastating. It matches the bliss .

Empaths fall in love hard and we are capable of feeling the emotions of our partners as well as our own. This makes for an intense connection that many never find with another. Is ignorance bliss though? After all we can’t miss something we never had.

Grow together

Especially if we find another empath, it can be a double edged sword we end up impaling ourselves on!! The upside of this connection is something that is almost on a telepathic level. Both partners can sense what the other is sensing, feeling and therefore experiencing. It can seem like bliss and hell all at the same time.

Too much love can kill you! Every time

When the energy between you is good it can take you both to a place many never have the good fortune to know in a lifetime. When the energy between you is bad it is pure hell. Serious mental illness in one partner can bring the other crashing down with them if they don’t realise and protect themselves. There is one way of looking at that. You go through hell together but what happens when there is nobody to pull you both out? if you are both in hell you cannot rely on the other to pull you out. If one of you is locked in a dark room then the best thing the other can do for their partner is wait outside the door until they reappear. Sounds easy doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you it’s more difficult than going to hell with them. Doubts creep in that you are never going to see them outside of that dark room they have locked themselves in again. Guilt that you are not suffering with them. Trying to separate your emotions from theirs is no easy task.

To be continued in the next post ….