the ripple effect

If our lives are like a pond we can also liken our lives to how the universe turns. When ripples are caused on the surface we can stay calm and not add to the effect it has or we can throw a brick in and cause a tsunami of drama. Often making the situation far worse than it actually is. In fact we are all fitted with that self destruct button. On a personal level I find the self destruct button in me a right royal pain in the arse. Totally aware I’m doing it there I going throwing metaphoric hard core into my own life pond just someone else caused a slight ripple.  So in light of that should we just ride the waves a little more instead of trying to control all situations and manipulate them to what we think is the desired outcomes. 

cause and effect

Ripples through the Universe

Ripples through the Universe affect our planet and those around us. Solar flares produce huge bursts of energy that affect our planet and daily lives. For instance a solar flare can knock out alot of the modern communication systems we are used to. In light of that if say, a solar flare or disturbance of energy flow stops your mobile phone from working when you intend to send a text message to end a troubled relationship?  Instead of taking the path of least resistance you are then forced to go and see that person face to face. On seeing them you find it more difficult to end the relationship and decide to work things out. An example of an event out of our control changing the course of our lives even if it’s only temporary.

never walk the path in moonlight

Think before causing ripples

So where do we draw that line between allowing destiny to guide us and taking control. Everything is energy and ripples in energy caused out in space can have an effect on our lives and decisions we make. Many people are drawn when the moon is full. Scientists and psychologists have run many studies to assertain the corolation between the full moon and criminal activity.  As a matter of fact many of the infamous serial killers we know of killed on the full moon. Law enforcement worked out the same pattern over and over.

The Ripple Effect

Do you believe in destiny?

The Ripple Effect is based in Physics. If you drop even the smallest object into a pond it causes ripples to span from the centre. This can be a ripple brought on by you or someone else. It’s not always the original object that causes a wave but your reaction to that event.

More over we can decide how we bring in the risk to our lives of others throwing gravel into our pond of life.  Most of us like to try and keep our personal as calm as possible. However there are inevitably going to be those around us that delight in throwing stones in just to watch us try and calm the ripples again. The ever decreasing circles caused when some delight decides they are bored.

the most common mental illness

So where does free will come in

Where does free will come in ? If our lives are sometimes altered by an event out of our control then how can we be in total control of our lives? More over the collective consciousness can over power the minority.  For instance the power of the mind over matter has been proven beyond doubt. So when a global event takes place such as a pandemic or war it can change the way we think albeit short term.  More over the more negative our collective state of mind the more our decisions are coloured by it. So the negative state of mind that many are suffering currently due to the pandemic is changing many lives but not necessary for the better. Our judgement is impaired to bias the neegative when making decisions. They are being made with either an ” I don’t care ” attitude or more over a self destructive mind set.

always look for the light

Dark times find us all and I believe we can grow stronger from them. It is very difficult to feel that at the eye of the storm you are facing . Important to remember that the darker the night the brighter the morning will seem. Walking through a storm makes us appreciate the sun even more when it comes back. Personally I love my garden in the spring and summer. Every year I start to take the beauty of it for granted and when the winter comes it all seems dark and the garden looks a mess.  When the winter months seem long dark and cold I am always so grateful to see the first shoots of spring appear.  Winter never lasts forever and when either another person or the universe throws a brick in your pond of life it always seems unfair. We can’t control the seasons but we can control our reactions to dark seasons and times. Always remember they are short lived.