The next pandemic

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The next pandemic will be mental health. The number of those now on medication for anxiety has shot through the roof. Decision making has become so stressful and our children are not used to all this uncertainty. Schools and colleges drum into them that “failure is not an option”. it’s the enemy. There’s no way back from failure. This is a slippery slope. Failure is not a dirty word it’s a lesson. Failure is a positive word and experience.

There is so much choice now.

There is so much choice

Go back 30 odd years and it was get a job or stay at school. Stay single or get married. The choices are far more complex now. As a matter of fact there are now so many different types of relationship most are just plain confused.

The next pandemic

Tolerance is great but where do we draw the line? As long as people are happy then that’s what matters. Couldn’t agree more. Similarly that brings in many blurred lines. Tolerance ? or letting people get away with anything as long as they are happy. Coupled with the need for balance, it will always be difficult to calculate where to draw that line. It’s true that bad things happen and they teach us about life. So the best tool we can have and teach our children to use is a positive attitude. Patience is not being able to wait but keeping a positive attitude while you do so. One of the hardest tasks I have still to master.

always believe

Always believe something great is about to happen

keeping a sense of childlike wonder for the world. Like when you were a child and the fairy lights on the christmas tree were the highlight of the two weeks. They made everything on the tree around them shine in different colors. If you can look up at the moon and night sky and think “wow”. then you still hold the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child. Never let anyone take that from you or laugh at you. It will keep you young and actually make your life so much simpler.

If you start to constantly dread the next day in case something terrible happens the stress and worry can make life so miserable. Worry can make you physically ill . Indeed I am the biggest hypocrite in history, because I can be guilty of this particular crime. I can also still look at the night sky and think wow. As long as you can do that even sometimes, you will go far. When you feel the black clouds in the sky will never go away, make sure you set time aside to sit outside when there’s a clear night and wonder at what’s up there. Watch a thunder storm. Notice the flowers growing in the garden.