COVID- 19 change life as we knew it?

THE AIR OF FRUSTRATION BUILDING AROUND COVID …. just recently, especially since the end of lockdown, there seems to be an air of frustration building. The changing information on a daily basis. Restrictions on our movements don’t go down well. Is it a delayed reaction ? Because the whole pandemic and lockdown situation was a relative shock, we all coped with it at the time. Now some of the remnants of normal life are restored we seem to be struggling with silly little irritants. A growing number of the general public seem to be under the illusion that life owes us for Covid 19 and the restrictions it has placed on our lives. It should be making us more appreciative of the simple things we take for granted. Observing people recently, just going about normal routine. ” My gin isn’t pink enough”, “My beer isn’t cold enough”


THE YEAR HAS BEEN A CRACKER! … this year so far has been a cracker hasn’t it. The preverbal really has hit the fan. life as we knew it ended and a new way of living came into being in such a short space of time. Nobody knew if they were on foot or horseback. So many people are behaving in a “spoilt brat” kind of way because they feel cheated by life in some way. Some see this year as a wake up call. I certainly have. A huge lesson to be learned. The most important things in life are the simplest.

ultimate stress busters
Dogs especially are little stress busters

Taking your dog for a walk. If you don’t have one and are in a position, then now could be a great time to rescue one and give it a loving home. If this year has taught us anything it should be to look after ourselves and each other now. Be thankful for the many blessings we have around us. Nature, health, love, pets and animals. EACH OTHER !! I have noticed that the people not learning the lessons brought by COVID 19 are those that have led charmed lives so far. Never known loss or hardship and therefore now feel that life owes them for being inconvenienced. It’s been crappy so my glass of gin should be “properly pink”… my beer should be extra cold because for 3 months I was stopped from drinking one in a pub.

COVID- 19 change life as we knew it?

Yes, sulking seems to be the consensus. A positive CAN be found in every situation. Adapt and count our blessings. The way we lived before was not sustainable anyway so why grieve for it. The social discontent that is building could be potentially dangerous. On top of the fall out for the pandemic, we have Brexit. This promises to bring further changes to the economy and the way we trade with the rest of the world. It will change the relationship we have with the rest of the world.



We need to be very careful about the attitudes that are building and focus on the bigger picture. There is more going on here than minor irritations to your day that are caused by restrictions of the pandemic. We are about to face more big changes to our lives and if we are not very careful, there is a very real danger of major problems with the global economy. Enjoy your beer at a pub or restaurant because you couldn’t have it for 3 months. Think “it doesn’t really matter if it took a little longer to arrive because it had to be brought to me at the table. It doesn’t matter that I had to wait a little longer for anything for that matter. Appreciate these things all the more, because you never know when you could lose them again. Lets be thankful for what we can enjoy again.

Let’s all be thankful for what we still have and the things we can do again. Going to work, seeing friends and family that are still with us. Loved ones we can hold again and spend time with, making memories that are all the more precious.