Terms and Conditions


Any personal information given by the client is kept safe and all therapy and counselling sessions are completely confidential between the therapist and the client.

All private and personal data given by the client is stored securely and at the discretion and permission of the client. Personal data will not under any circumstances be passed onto anybody else, that includes any thrid party whatsoever.

At the start of therapy and counselling sessions, the client will be asked if they wish the session to be recorded. It is helpful to record or make notes of our conversations, however, if you do not wish any records to be kept then please state that.


The Jewellery is tailor made to order. Every effort to package the bracelets as safely as possible, issues can occur in transit. If your bracelet is delivered damaged then please take a photo of the bracelet with the packaging and date it. Send it to me at [email protected] and I will replace the bracelet free of charge.


Any readings done involving mediumship, tarot or Angel cards is classed as “entertainment purposes”, because the results can’t be proven scientifically. Therefore any life changing decisions should not be made based on any reading. They are subject to your individual beliefs and opinions of the esoteric.

Any personal data shared with a view to booking a reading will be destroyed following the reading and will not be shared with any third party.

All payments made via this website are secure payments.