Telling the truth always?
Truth or lies? can we tell the difference ?

Telling the truth always ? some say that the truth always hurts. But does it? Depends on what side of the fence you’re standing. if when you hear the truth it’s positive then how is it hurting you? Saying it always hurts, say that the truth is always something we don’t want to hear. If you make the sound like a visit to the dentist then it makes us avoid the truth. No wonder people are so economical with it.

Telling ourselves a better/ different story

So if we tell ourselves a different story we could learn to seek the truth and not fear it. The hardest truths to hear are always with ourselves. Being honest with yourself is truly an art form. Being honest with others is actually much easier. Our biggest deceivers are us. We very rarely tell ourselves the truth. We see ourselves very differently than those around us. In light of that we will never see ourselves as others see us. Why? well because even if they are totally honest with us there will always be our own interpretation of what they are telling us. Knowledge of the self is always a perception never the truth.

even mirrors don't tell the truth

Children, that is our own children, are write often a mirror for ourselves. I definitely see traits in my children that are a mirror for the soul. When we look in the mirror we are still looking into the mirror at an image. Images seen with our eyes and again open to our interpretation. images we see in the mirror are received depending on what mind set we are in at that point in time. Fine are the lines between narcissism and low self esteem. Photographs are another source of fear, Personally I detest seeing myself in photographs. “We see what we want to see ” is very true.

Telling the truth always ?

So the story we tell ourselves everyday is vital to the way we make decisions. If the outlook is negative then the decisions we make on that day are likely to have a negative effect. When I first started meditation and was told that morning affirmations were so important I didn’t believe it. A couple of years on I’m not so sure. What we tell ourselves when we wake up in the morning is generally how we feel for the rest of the day.