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Tarot card reading is been a fascination of mine for 30 years now and I have taken a couple of short courses on how to teach people to read them and give a profession.

The law dictates that Tarot and mediumship readings are described as “for entertainment purposes”. I have always said when reading for people that I will help you to the best of my ability and the reading will be a reflection of your present situation, how you got there and where is LIKELY to head should you stay on your current path. whilst synchronicity has a bearing on the events in your life. there is also your own free will at play…. if you would like to book a reading by email or skype then please use the Tarot and supernatural page.

Tarot Reading by Skype or email

Readings are conducted by skype or email and can be booked via the “tarot and supernatural page”


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You cannot and must not rely on it to tell you what to do ! that is dangerous and has had some awful consequences for some people I have known that become involved with tarot not really understanding or respecting the power your own mind can have. Tarot in particular has been given bad press because of cases reported in the media or individuals committing murder or terrible acts claiming that the cards told them to. If we look at that with a completely cold and logical state of mind, how can a deck of cards with pictures on, tell you or make you take another’s life or your own for that matter?! it’s not possible. What is possible is that the individual using them was already unstable and believed that the information they were receiving when reading the cards was from an entity controlling them. What they actually read when looking at the cards was coming from their own mind. If you decide to start reading them for yourself, please, please do some research first and have some kind of basic understanding of it. Remember that we already know roughly where we are going in our own subconscious so all that is actually happening is a bypass of your conscious mind. If you become practised at it and learn to protect yourself, then it is possible to start channelling some “advice” from the relatives and loved ones we have watching over us from the afterlife. When a professional reader does the reading for you, they sometimes channel from loved ones or their own spirit guides. They are practised at it and can protect themselves from energies that are harmful. One of the most famous known for divination is Nostradamus. He made many prophecies and is said to have seen the death of Princess Diana, the first and second world wars, the current pandemic, Chernobyl and some we have yet to see …. the third world war being one of them. The crash of the global economy was another of his famous foreseen events, I believe the current situation is a prime candidate for that one as the coronavirus has hit all economies in the world. Nobody is in a position to bail anyone else out. I believe that we will survive it but life will resume a new normal, it won’t ever be the same as pre lockdown because it can’t go back to that. Many people have revaluated their lives and the people around them. What is really important and what isn’t. Our health is the most important thing because without it we can’t do anything.

Do I believe in ghosts? well I believe in the afterlife. That we have a soul that lives on in one form or another. If you look at the purely scientific side of things, the two are connected more closely than you may think. The universe started from energy, we originated from energy and we live on it. We send out energy and produce it every time we move, think, breath, anything. When our physical body dies, the very least that can happen is that energy dispels into the atmosphere around those still living. I, myself have had too many experiences of that nature to not believe in the afterlife.

My fascination with tarot and the afterlife started when I was 15 and started my first job at the Mermaid Inn Rye as a chambermaid. Although psychics I have met since told me that I started sensing those that no longer possess a pulse much younger than that and I should look to that being the cause of my anxiety disorder I don’t remember any experience before the age of 15. I had only been there a few saturdays when I started hearing and sensing energy/sounds/voices around the place. Any of you that know your history will know that the Mermaid Inn is famous for being haunted The word haunted always makes it sound exciting but what it is more akin to is the age of building and the amount of residue energy there must be soaked into beam, nut and bolt. Of course there are other places that have a rich history and many tales to tell but I use the Mermaid as a place that is well known, is a perfect example of what I am trying to explain and has great sentimental value to me. With parts of the building dating back to 1156 and the main building turns 600 this year, it has seen many periods of history. Two world wars, plagues, to name a few. There have been deaths from murder, illness and war there. So imagine the amount of energy that must have built up over the years. For example one of the tales we here many times from guests staying there now is the sound of hammering , sawing … guests have asked why maintenance needs to be carried out in the early hours of the morning!! it isn’t… I should probably add here that in 2017 I went back on the staff there alongside teaching people to drive. I have heard the same noises in the rooms that are situated in the roof of the the hotel. This could be residue from when the main building was rebuilt in 1420 from old ship beams after being burnt down by the raiders that ransacked and burnt Rye down in 1357. I have also heard screaming and crackling noises whilst in the building when there is nobody around . As if the building were on fire. These were present when starting there at 15. But these are just a couple of the experiences I have had in one place. The Mermaid itself has a strange draw on people. I consider it my childhood home and feel very safe there for some reason. Judith, that now owns the building along with her business partner Georgie, was a receptionist when I started at 15 years old, so she never left !! staff either seem to stay there until they drop or come back at some point. You either become part of the “Mermaid family” or not, it’s the energy in the building that decides this not the people . it either feels right to be there or not it’s that simple. We all call the building “she ” because even those that are skeptic say it feels alive. So through the many things I have learnt about the spirit world over the years, I don’t go with the word “haunted” it implies that there are ghostly images that look like a headless horseman or a bedsheet with holes in it!! it doesn’t work like that.

So many of us have seen the movies in the “Conjuring” that arebased on true stories. The trails and trepidations of Ed and Lorraine Warren who were demonologists. Demons are entities. Not one malicious energy but many.If someone dies that has a malicious soul in life, they don’t suddenly turn into Cliff Richard because they have left their physical body . If a person dies a violent death or is in a very unstable state of mind, then their energy can fragment and bits get left behind after they are actually crossed over to what they are doing next. These bits become tangled up together to create an entity. They can be very destructive and powerful. The Warrens have a room in their house full of artifacts that were supposedly possessed by evil. Objects such as dolls etc are used as a conduit by the entity as a way of communicating. When you visit a medium they are acting as a conduit for the spirits of your loved ones to speak to you.

Not all signs and messages come via the medium or cards. Some of the more popular ways of communicating with the afterlife is a ouija board or automatic writing. Ouija boards tend to make this communication into a game and that’sthe last way it should be treated. You have no way of knowing if you are safe when talking to spirit in that way unless they are nasty or malicious messages. Quite often if a malevolant energy is trying to get through they will try and get you to trust them first by appearing to be the loved one you are trying to reach. This is when “playing” at it is very dangerous. If you learn mediumship or go to a medium yourself, your senses will tell you or them that they are talking to the right person. If the reading is genuine, the reader will come up with something that only you and the spirit would know to validate who they are. If you are reading/channelling for yourself, trust in your senses to know if it’s your loved one. If you have paid for your reading, make sure this validation is forthcoming.


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