SYMPTOMS OF MEDICATION WITHDRAWAL having looked at the reasons for withdrawing from antidepressants…

SYMPTOMS OF MEDICATION WITHDRAWAL let’s look at the down sides and why it’s not as easy as it sounds. Long term use of antidepressants can feel like a “catch 22 “. Emotional apathy is one of the attractions of these types of drug. Trauma causes intense emotions that we would rather not deal with. As a result we keep taking the drugs. Everyday life carries on and it’s easier to put off picking through the trauma /reason that caused the feelings. Dependence on the drugs is always a thought at the back of your mind. Feeling like coming off the drugs will render you useless.


the storm is different for everyone

Seeing the period of time as a short term storm that can be weathered my help. Walk towards the rain shower holding your rainbow umbrella. Holding the positive thoughts that you will walk through it and still hold the rainbow. Being “you” again is the prize you receive for sticking it out. Weight gain through changes in metabolism and appetite brought on by long term use tends to fuel the dependency. Furthermore it can effect sexual performance and drive. As a result relationships can feel under strain. Again this can make you feel like you cannot function without them.

SYMPTOMS OF MEDICATION WITHDRAWAL recurrence of the initial issue tends to be the main fear when thinking of withdrawing from any kind of psychological medication.

Fear of feeling the way you did when prescribed the medication in the first is generally the reason many put off withdrawal. it is likely that mild symptoms similar to your initial experience will resurface. Unpleasant physical side effects of withdrawal can include headaches, nausea, digestive issues, urticaria and the other hundred or so! it’s certainly not for the faint hearted and should only be attempted with the help of a doctor. Preferably the one that prescribed them and knows your history. Support from friends and family members is also a must. Be patient with yourself and take your time. Only set realistic goals that can be easily reached and give you encouragement. Give yourself rewards for reaching each milestone. Each one is an achievement.


Timing is everything when embarking on this journey. You will instinctively know when is the right time to take a stroll through the very personal storm of withdrawal. Take our friend in the above image that seems to be up his ass in problems on this particular day. Maybe not the best time to think about bringing the dose down on your antidepressants. Choose a time that is as close to normal routine as possible. Life is never without it’s trials and so waiting for a rosy time to appear is not realistic either. Periods when life is as close to the norm as possible.


If you are in a position to, then rescuing a dog or cat can be such a boost in so many ways. Dogs are best though. Owning a dog and especially rescuing one is very rewarding and can distract you on the bad days. If depression starts to set in again then a dog gives you a reason to get up in the morning. Reasons to go for a walk and exercise.

ultimate stress busters
Animals and Therapy

The bond that forms between you and your new dependent is always a two way street and dogs especially are excellent therapy. Always pleased to see you, never sulk for long, never judgmental. Bad days will hit and your little companion always has the time to just sit with you and walk with you through the stormy weather. Loyalty and friendship shown by them is just what a person dealing with depression and anxiety based conditions needs. Talking to some patients in the past who have dealt with depression and anxiety breakdowns, have said they would have a dog but fear losing them and the pain that would cause.

Broken Heart with Band Aid

Emotional pain is a fear I am familiar with. Everyone at some point in their lives have suffered acute emotional pain for one reason or another. It’s normal life. Almost impossible to avoid, none of us like feeling the effects of sadness or heartbreak. It’s one of the most common things that send us into depression and onto meds in the first place. Having decided it was time at the age of 50 I stopped trying to get through life on emotional apathy, the transition is indeed a trial. I will avoid that feeling of heartbreak like the plague but it really is part of life and feeling pain reminds us we are alive.

SYMPTOMS OF MEDICATION WITHDRAWAL … pain is part of the process.

Experiencing pain is necessary for balanced emotion to take place. It reminds us we are alive. We need the balance between positive and negative. The negative proves we feel. psychopathy is not something anyone likes admitting to but there are so many different ways of helping people help themselves. Try to find ways of coping with negative energy and stress. Buddhist monks advise making friends with negative emotions. Embrace them and don’t fight them. Being happy and relaxed all the time is not realistic and not normal. Feeling anxiety, pain and sadness are ways of knowing we are alive. Reminds us that we feel. Emotional pain is quite often when we are feeling sadness for another person. For their absence to our lives or maybe they hurt us.



Try not to have high expectations of yourself and others. Particularly avoid having high expectations of loved ones. It’s puts so much pressure on them to live up to them that it effects them in a negative way because they either can’t live up to it or sustain it. This only leads to disappointment and heartache. Your recovery is down to you. Giving another person the responsibility for making you happy or to become your walking antidepressant is vast and unfair. Nobody can sustain that expectation for you. We are all mere mortals after all.