SUPPRESSED EMOTION everything is redeemable

The subconscious is never the tidiest place. It tends to be where we shove everything we don’t want to deal with. The mind’s “pending” file. Sometimes we hope that if we leave it there long enough it will go away. Moreover if it was that easy we would all be mentally healthy, balanced human beings. What a boring world that would be!


SUPPRESSED EMOTION everything is redeemable

Sometimes there is damage to the amygdala and therefore we process emotion differently. In turn though this can lead to crowding or over crowding of the subconscious mind. Nothing is ever stored in order in our minds. We are just not wired that way. The files tend to be jumbled up and sticking out of drawers. If we then overload it on top of that we are heading down a slippery slope for sure. Suppressed emotion can cause many different symptoms in the mind and body. You can be over sensitive, comfort eat which results in weight gain.

Some people lean on substance abuse for comfort. This can cloud any diagnosis of a condition and greatly slow the right kind of help. This leads to any underlying condition becoming worse. Memory problems can result from suppressing emotion because the brain is concerned with trying to “tidy” up. We have already established it’s not the tidiest office in the world.


give yourself time to be mindful

Being mindful is one of the first and the biggest step to any recovery. Leading us to admit that there is a problem. That in itself is part of the cure. The mind heaves a huge sigh of relief when that step has taken place. As a result we start to relax a little and acknowledge how we feel. We can’t ask for help until we admit we need it. Resulting in a little loss of pride, of course pride can be an enemy if we allow it to be. Writing a journal can be very useful and make sure you are truthful. Similarly write it like it’s a letter to yourself so your mind knows it is being heard. Again be honest with yourself. It’s the very best therapy there is.

Take walks in nature and similarly take advantage of the old saying, of course it’s cheesy! ” stop and smell the roses”. Appreciate the world for the positives you can find. Really take notice of trees and any wildlife. It can be very relaxing. Stress and anger make us release cortisol.

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Cortisol is a hormone that if imbalanced can cause all kinds of issues both with mental and physical health. Dealing with this will follow shortly in another post