Teaching yourself to relax
Self-help tips for falling asleep

When it comes to ” Stress busting and teaching yourself to relax”

These two seem to have it off to a tee. Relaxation isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our lives are like a rat race. Stress is all around. it’s more deadly than any disease the world over. Yet it is unavoidable. There are ways in which we can help ourselves.

Stress busting and teaching yourself to relax

There are many ways in which you can get rid of stress. The obvious one is avoid it. Mental and physical health have to come first. If your health is either or both areas is poor, it’s a constant uphill. Stress is the new normal. Indeed society seems to thrive on it. We have become a race of adrenaline junkies. Personally I don’t like the stuff much. The more complicated we make life, the higher the stress levels.

Life is like climbing a mountain sometimes.
What is the point of struggling to the top of the mountain if you are too stressed to enjoy the view

Why not teach yourself to relax?

If life is a mountain, we all want to see the view from the top. But what If when you get there you can’t see the view? what would block your view ? Well if you are so stressed when you get there. Too tired. Mental and physical health in tatters. Take your time climbing it and take breaks. Sometimes it’s good to slow down a little for a while. We have unfortunately built our society around money. There is a constant need for it. You actually get to the top quicker if you pace yourself. Then when you get there, you are in good enough shape to enjoy that view.

Stress busting relaxation.

Take time out everyday to be alone and relax. Teach yourself to detach from all the stress and tension of daily life.

Stress busting and teaching yourself to relax

Or you can let these little stress busters teach you. Animals, but especially dogs are fantastic at teaching us to relax.

ultimate stress busters
Dogs especially are little stress busters

Above is a snippet of the meditation course I have written that is now available to purchase.