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SOCIAL LEARNING & Personality disorders … theory of attaching emotion to learning. When you attach emotion to learning, the information is stored in the long term memory unconscious part of the brain. Studies show that information is stored to the unconscious for long term when it is attached to emotion of some kind. Negative or positive doesn’t seem to matter but preferably learning that comes from a teacher with whom you have a rapport.

SOCIAL LEARNING & Personality disorders



In 27 years as owner of a driving school I remember probably 75% of my pupils. The percentage with which I managed to gain a rapport. After being told the art of a good teacher is to adapt to your pupil. Within a couple of years I had it down to a fine art. Within the first hour I had worked out how a person needed to be taught my subject. Anyone can be taught anything they wish to be taught. Teaching is an art and not a science. In light of that fact being a therapist also helped. Comparatively there is a downside to using relationship skills in order to teach. Of course there will sometimes be those with whom we clash. As a result it becomes a very fine balance not to find yourself in blurred lines. Rapport is one thing but attachment another.

Teens Bullying the Nerd


In fact every single one of us fear it. Furthermore we have all suffered it at some point. It’s a fact that rejection can, in some, cause psychological harm. Many of the so called disorders originate from bullying at school. Next someone says ” I don’t care if people don’t like me “. In the first place they are lying and incidently everybody lies to some degree. In second place they have social anxiety and really do care if people like them. Humans have an inherent need to be nutured. We need our personal interactions and relationships. Not just for mental health but physical health.

The society we live in has changed so much that our relationships and interactions have become as complicated as our emotions. As a matter of fact as our self awareness and knowledge has grown, our relationships have become more evolved. As a result there are now so many different types of accepted relationships that many feel we have lost our way. Not sure you can have one without the other. Grow with the knowledge and evolve.

SOCIAL LEARNING & Personality disorders


So now this is where the spiritual comes into play more. As we learn more about ourselves and our minds. With this the society we live has to expand with that knowledge and evolve. Bending to new types of relationships without dropping morality is not as easy as it sounds. Many resist change as it tends to scare some. Those with social anxiety and some more complex mental health issues fear change and the future. More over they feel the need for life to run along on one level. If you have had a difficult time in relationships in the past, change can come as a significant challenge. Learning to overcome that fear is not as easy as it might sound at all.