Meditation Course

SELF REFLECTION in the first place of trying this for myself, it was easier to chicken out and go onto antidepressants. Self reflection shouldn’t be self flagellation. By the same token it shouldn’t be an opportunity to gaze lovingly at your own reflection! Fine lines with everything

Mindfulness and Manifestation

Self awareness is very important. More over in the current climate. Coupled with mindfulness, we may come out of the pandemic in better mental health. How do we practice mindfulness ? It is all tied in with meditation and looking at yourself with honesty. Try not to destroy your self esteem. Likewise take a look at the reflection in the mirror and think ” how could I have done that better ?”. Looking back, ironically I think the first lessons I had in self reflection came from my driving instructor. Thinking he was a perfectionist and why was it my efforts although “passable”, needed to be improved upon. Typical teenage attitude of that time. Now young people are made to constantly feel that their efforts are never good enough. Extremes.
Meditation Course

Meditation is a very effective way of self reflecting and keeping it real. Just like the reflection in the bubble, it can all look upside down if you are too critical of yourself. In the last post we looked at narcissism, It’s important to be constructive with yourself and give yourself achievable goals. Surrounding yourself with supportive energy and people will give you the strength you need to keep positive. Journeys of self discovery are pretty much life long, we never stop learning. Many subjects are endless and self improvement is one of them.

“GASLIGHTING” what is it ?

SELF REFLECTION coupled with a partner that doesn’t encourage or support you.

If you are trying to discover the true “you”, having a partner that supports that is essential. More over if you are in a relationship where there is “gaslighting” abound then self reflection will only become a fuel for a depressive state of mind. Likewise this could negatively impact your mental health. Gaslighting or narcissistic partners can have you questioning, not just your self worth but in extreme cases, your sanity. Again, it’s important to have the right support around you. If you are recovering from depression or mental health condition and are practicing mindfulness/ self awareness, make sure it is your self awareness you are working on and not your partners.



How about trying cognitive behavioral therapy as a way of reprogramming parts of your behavior that are either blocking you from improvement? This method of retraining yourself to remove negative cycles of behavior can help with many mental health conditions also. Anxiety, depression and trauma. Looking back over negative experiences can be very difficult but necessary in order to move forward. Reflecting back over past issues can manifest some painful emotions that may put you off trying. Dealing with these emotions is all part of self awareness and improvement. Raising and dealing with these emotions and laying past experiences to rest is all achievement.

Remember that making mistakes are open to personal opinion. There are times when those around you will want to press their own beliefs and standards upon you. Learning is by definition where we make mistakes. It is where we improve on the last attempt at something. Different people with different personalities and standards will always either think or tell you it’s a mistake in their eyes. That doesn’t mean it is, Live by your standards not those of others. Acceptance and happiness comes from within first. Once you can accept your own standards it becomes much easier to accept others. We never stop learning . If however you think you have learnt all there is to learn then what are you going to do with the rest of your life? because it could be lonely and boring in the land of perfection…..

Once there you are unfortunately into much deeper realms of self reflection and the need for it.