Self-help tips for falling asleep

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In these uncertain times many people say they have trouble sleeping and most of us during lockdown experienced disruption to our normal sleep pattern. This tip may help some of you. I have tried it on some hypnotherapy sessions I have given recently and both ladies reporting the best night’s sleep for a long time.

I use a ticking watch to help my clients go into a rhythm with breathing and it helps the brain slow down. Also, when we are still in the womb we can hear our mother’s heart beating and find it comforting. Babies go to sleep to the sound of a ticking clock. When puppies and kittens leave their mother, vet’s advise that you wrap a ticking clock in a blanket and put it in their bed. This settles and comforts our fur babies. So a ticking clock is a deep seated trigger to make us feel safe and comforted. A ticking clock seems to help the brain waves slow down to the brain waves we have just before we start to go into a sleep wave pattern. So if you have trouble falling asleep and enjoying good sleep, then get comfortable in bed and focus on your breathing… breath in slowly and hold it for a second, then let the breath out. Do this 3 or 4 times and focus on that and nothing else.

Some people are most receptive to audio stimuli and some visual. So if you are audio triggered the clock will more than likely help you a great deal. Visually triggered minds quite often are calmed by very soft light that moves in patterns very slowly.

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