Self defense for assault victims, should it be part of therapy?


Self defense for assault victims. Would learning self defense make you feel safer and more able to move on after being assaulted?

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Should assault victims be offered self defense classes as part of therapy? Personally I found it very helpful. I went to self defense classes and it made me feel a lot safer. You don’t need to be particularly big or strong physically. It’s mostly the weight of you assailant that is used against them. The element of shock and surprise is another plus on the side of the victim.

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Generally assailants are people who need to feel they can over power anyone. The look of fear and terror in the eyes of their victim is the driving force behind the attack. If walking alone at night or even in the day time, try to walk tall. Look confident and walk with purpose. At night walk in well lit areas wherever possible. Try not to walk alone but if you have to at least carry a torch. Teaching girls especially, but boys too how to defend themselves at an early age would prevent many traumas.

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It is essential that you physical and mental wellbeing are in balance. Sport and exercise are very good for your mental health and physical. So taking self defense classes will teach you an invaluable life skill and keep you fit.

You must remember that self defense is exactly what it says on the tin! only to be used in self defense. If you go to classes, it can help your confidence grow. Push feelings of inferiority and weakness aside. Showing vulnerable posture and gait can be fatal. The attacker will seek out those who come across as weak. This age old behavior traits that can be turned around. All predators target the weakest in the pack.

This is so true ! self defense is not about physical strength. All the strength we need is in the mind. If you don’t portray a victim, you are less likely to be singled out. This doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive all the time or give off an aggressive energy. You can have an air of confidence in the way that you carry yourself that will make predators think twice. They will seek easy prey. So your best weapon is a strong mind and common sense. Don’t make it easy for them in the first place. There will always be those that need to feel stronger and superior to others. This will never change. The only thing you can do is be aware.


There are always self defense classes that run near you. Whether you have been involved in an attack or not. Prevention is so much more effective than cure.