second best is never good enough
Mirroring your partner’s emotions

Second best never works for long.

Empaths fall in love not just with their soul mate but with the connection the two of you create together. It takes so much energy to love another person on every level of their being. It takes so much energy and time that they cannot hop from one true connection to the next. Lesser connections never last long because if we can’t love the other person on every level then we would rather live alone. Second best never works for long


Depending on an individuals perception of time, second best never works for long. A long time to one person is nothing to another. Myself, I have a particular struggle with the concept of time. It doesn’t mean an awful lot to me. Causing me minor issues with living an ordered life when it comes to work. Anyone that knows me will tell you I am annoyingly late for everything. Even annoying myself with it, it’s not something I do on purpose but a genuine lack of respect for time that I find difficult to get past. Having never really grown up in my heart, I still have the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child. Time being something adults tend to see an over riding importance to.

empaths tend to be young at heart

Empaths and being young at heart

Being young at heart is how many empaths like to stay. Another double edged sword though. Being able to see the world through the eyes of a child is an asset. Downside being disappointed when the reality of some people and situations kicks in. One of those situations being settling for a lesser connection in marriage or relationships and realising it will never be enough. Still looking for that special, all levels love. Guilt then sending our child like wonder crashing to the ground when we realise we have broken a heart in the process. Empaths can get pretty tortured. Depression being very common.

weight of everyday life

Getting weighed down with everyday life.

It’s so easy to get weighed down by everyday life and the responsibilities that go with it. Keeping time and always having to be somewhere. It really is essential to your physical and mental health to stop regularly and wonder at the world like a child would. The wonders of the universe and the planet we live in. Go for a walk and really look at the plants and trees. Look up at the sky tonight and wonder at the stars. Next time the moon is full and especially a super moon , look at how beautiful it is and wonder at how it is there. It’s always there and so easy to take for granted that it will remain. Never just shrug your shoulders and say ” what? it’s just the moon ” really look at it and wonder at the effects it has on our lives. How it effects the weather, tides and in many people the way they feel.

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