Ride the ripples and the waves

The truth I speak contradicts the lie you live . Have you ever been in the situation where you had to make a loved one understand they are on the road to destruction? Being the messenger that gets shot? Never easy. But is that real love? taking the bullet if it means they start to think about what is going on around them ? Where is the line between interfering and an act of love that puts that loved one back on track? ultimately we have to decide whether we are prepared to take a bullet for that person.
the ripple effect

Are they drowning ?

The ripple effect rules all of our lives. From the ripples of energy that occur out in space. Affecting our environment and surroundings. Secondly right down to our individual lives. Compared with the deep ocean of space our lives are small ponds. One small ripple in the pond can gradually or even suddenly gather enough energy to create a wave. Moreover if you are standing on the edge of someone else’s pond watching that wave become a tsunami you have a decision to make at that point. Importantly do we stand and watch the show or warn the pond owner it building and sound the alarm. Risk taking that bullet so to speak.  Moreover you decide whether you are that person that throws in a stone and builds the tsunami’s pace.



Would you help to calm the wave?

We can choose how we react to it. We cannot always control the actions and decisons of others affecting our lives. Choosing how we react is down to us. Importantly we don’t have to let them control our lives. Handing them the keys to your life is your decision entirely. Myself included in this statement of fact but it’s easy to become you’re own worst enemy.  We all worry about being judged by others, however we are then handing them the control. It’s their decision how they judge us . Ours is how we take that judgement.  Becoming a victim is easy, in fact it can be the path of least resistance because we think it will get us the help we need.  Very occasionally it does. Most of the time it gets precisely the wrong attention.