anger brewing

REPRESSED ANGER? learn to recognize the warning signs and red flags. Then you can heal the part of you that never listens to your heart because you believe it leads to pain. Do you find yourself sighing all the time ? Procrastinate over doing imposed tasks? Because you know you have to do something, because you HAVE to do it and why should you? Kicking against any kind of authority and being purposely defiant are all signs that you repress anger. As a result you never feel refreshed from sleep and feel irritable all the time. This leads to you wanting to sleep all the time.


APPOINTED YOURSELF JUDGE JURY AND EXECUTIONER? do you find yourself deflecting that anger onto others by judging what they do instead of paying attention to your own mistakes? Have you decided in your own mind how they should be punished and as sadistically as possible? If so you are repressing anger.



This is one I have to admit I have a problem with. I wear a watch with no hands! There is no grace to lateness ever! It even annoys me. One day I may get on top of it but I doubt it. I don’t seem to have any perception of time or how long it will take me to do anything . I argue with the sat nav over how long it will take me to get anywhere. It comes from the afore mentioned defiance. It’s a ” I will turn up when I feel like it ” attitude. I preach that I hate bad manners but tardiness is rude. Those that love me just accommodate it, but should they have to? I accommodate things that annoy me about them. Is that just fueling latent anger though. The more we accommodate others discrepancies we resent it at some level. If that’s so then we become completely intolerant instead? so where’s the unconditional love?



Do you smile while hurting? Are you the kind of person that always says they are fine when not? Sure we all do at times. Stiff upper lip nation us British. But where does that actually get you? Pent up anger and resentment can cause all kinds of medical issues. Stomach ulcers, migraines, perpetual fatigue. Emotions actually wear us out. There is no such thing as Good and Bad emotion. They are all important and reality is that we have to feel and deal with both to be healthy. Allow yourself to grieve for what is lost. I have a very good friend who has a very painful knee whenever she is depressed or upset. I call her knee a barometer for her emotions. Our bodies are in fact barometers for our emotions. Emotion is everything that controls our lives.


Are you having nightmares persistently ? When you go to bed tonight, notice whether your fists are clenched or are you waking up with jaw ache? This is most likely because you are grinding your jaw while asleep. Pay attention to the voice inside you. It’s trying to help you.