RELATIONSHIPS… why do we look for the “one “

RELATIONHIPS PART TWO….do myths and legends teach us lessons about modern relationships? there are many ancient myths and legends about love and betrayal that tell us nothing much has changed. Furthermore it seems we never learn from the past. Love in it’s many forms dictates our lives. We believe that we have evolved as a society but our relationships are as complicated now as thousands of years ago. If we look back through Greek and Roman mythology, love triangles and betrayal are there right from the word go. Love in it’s romantic form can be a double edged sword indeed. Firstly it is wonderful and we feel we can conquer the world along with all it’s troubles. On the other side it can pierce the heart and destroy us. In fact it is possible to die of a broken heart.



so instead of learning from the mistakes of the past, we allow history to repeat over and over. In light of this, if you look at the bigger picture, we live by the good vs evil in every part of our lives. We put certain people in categories depending on what they look like, where they live and what they have. More over we look at there profession and decide what they are like as a person.

RELATIONHIPS PART TWO…. what is Hero Syndrome

the knight in shining armor we girls all dream of
more often than not it’s this guy that turns up

Right from childhood, mainly little girls are read fairytales of the “knight in shining armor ” who is always male, arriving to rescue the damsel in distress. Rapunzel stuck in her tower. Sleeping Beauty, to name a couple. Greek mythology also depicts the brave and saintly figure recues the poor lady stranded and in mortal danger. The drive to rescue is in our blood it seems. In modern society there are professions that are perfect for the heroes and heroines amongst us. Similarly this is something that has in fact evolved over time, the battle of the sexes where there are now plenty of female heroines. In days of old and fairytales we are taught that the female is the weaker sex and the men are supposed to save us from mortal danger,

It is now quite common for a person with ” hero syndrome” is a person that seek recognition for one reason or another by purposely creating disasters in order to prove their worth by fixing said danger. Saving the day as it were. So if we have evolved to accept that us ladies can be heroic too and we want equality, then why do we still fantasize romantically about our knight in shining armor charging towards us straight out of a fairytale. Furthermore we complain when it’s an ordinary guy turns up on a donkey wrapped in tin foil instead of the armor. We can’t have it all can we. Or can we?


Is there anything wrong with having this image in our minds and airbrushing it over the face of our loved one? Maybe if we could and keep that image, we wouldn’t allow our relationships to lose that romantic edge and look elsewhere. Do we bring back the fairytale style expectations and sweep each other of our feet? Similarly is this why we look elsewhere when the romance where’s off ? Why does it wear off ? RELATIONSHIPS PART 3 ON IT’S WAY….