Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading


The law regarding readings of an esoteric nature is clear. They are only to be viewed as “entertainment”, however it is an ancient art form and has been around for thousands of years. If you believe in the power of the mind then that is what is at play here. The art of divination and the reporting of such started with the bible and Jesus. He predicted the betrayal he would suffer at the hands of his own followers. The pineal gland is the primary source of being able to look into one’s own close future. We are all born with it as part of our survival instinct. Over time, humans don’t need it for that purpose as much as we are now further up the food chain, but nevertheless we still use it to predict any major events that could be coming our way. Granted, you can’t live your life by it, but if we took a little more notice of people that warn us of situtaions like we are currently experiencing then alot of the damage could have been avoided.


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