Hypnotherapy sessions

Hypnotherapy Sessions


Having tried hypnotherapy myself for panic attacks, in my case it was very effective. Again we come to the power of suggestion and the power of the human mind. For hypnotherapy to be effective you must be open to it. Where anxiety and depression are concerned, the same could be said about some of the drugs prescribed for these and other conditions. Many experiments have been conducted into the placebo effect. The mind is a very powerful tool. It’s to everyone’s advantage to learn how to use.

Hypnotherapy is a form of deep relaxation where we ask the conscious mind to take a step back and allow the genuine version of ourselves to reveal itself. Any experiences we may have had until now are stored in our subconscious. Depending on whether you believe in past lives ( makes no odds either way) then some memories can be carried over into your present incarnation. Regression therapy is something that can take you back to any age in this life or a past incarnation. It can be very effective.

When it comes to the treatment of PTSD, hypnosis can be good for bringing forward a single event or trauma. However in the case of complex PTSD it could be difficult to bring out the events one by one and could lead to the sufferer becoming even more traumatised. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a very effective way of dealing with PTSD and especially triggers.

Hypnotherapy is vastly different to stage hypnosis where people are put into a state of trance and told to perform tasks that humiliate or make others laugh. Having said that, the subjects picked for stage hypnosis are individuals who are highly susceptible to the power of suggestion. It is very easy to put these people into a trance like state. Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to hypnotise someone without them allowing you to. If they are even the slightest bit resistant, it won’t work. So it is not something that can be done against your will.

This therapy is especially good for the treatment of phobias and for changing patterns of self destructive behaviour.

So What is actually happening if you have hypnotherapy ?

The parts of the brain activated are the pre-frontal cortex, anterior angular cortex and the parietal networks.These areas are activated during hypnosis and those who are more open to this type of therapy tend to suffer abuse at the hands of manipulative and narcasisstic partners/parents than those who are mindful and have learnt self awareness . Hypnosis moves the cognitive process away from the conscious mind. The above areas are targeted by the hypnotherapy process to control the complex functions, emotional responses and memories that cause us to perceive life changes and situations in a certain way. This means that patterns and cycles of destructive behaviour can be changed in these areas.


Hypnotherapy is a complementary aid to medicine. It cannot be used instead of intervention from your GP or medical specialist/consultant. Therapists are not doctors. If you have a medical condition and you are considering using hypnotherapy as a “side order” so to speak then please notify your medical practitioner first. Everyday conditions such as sleep disorders, IBS, sleepwalking, night terrors in children, migraines, pain management are all conditions that hypnotherapy has been used to ease.

This therapy has been used many times for weight loss and gain. For conditions such as eating disorders. Behavioural changes for comfort eating etc etc. Gastric band hypnosis or virtual gastric band is only really for use by those who need to lose 4 stones or more. Again please consult/ inform your medical practitioner before starting any hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss or gain.

There have been many books written on the subject of self hypnosis. Although it is the same as very deep meditation/ trance meditation. This takes alot of practice to achieve but is very powerful when used hand in hand with mindfulness. If you can harness control over your own mind in this way, the possibilities for manifesting what you want from life are endless. For a free consultation to decide between us if you could benefit from hypnotherapy then please fill in the contact form. If I can’t help you I will point you in the right direction


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