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All the bracelets shown were made for other people and can be reproduced to order or different combinations depending on the benefit you hope to get from it. All rock, crystal and stone come from the earth and are natural composition. Every being made up with energy, crystal and rock channels it. Different compositions of gemstone and crystal channel the energy around us to different parts of the body.

We all give off and generate energy with every thing we do, even thinking. This energy creates an energy field around the body that is present all the time called an “aura”. We can tell from a person’s aura, what mood they are in, whether they are healthy and what their intentions are towards us. When you meet someone for the first time, do you get that feeling that you either like or dislike them? That is your pineal gland picking up on their energy. Everything is ruled by energy. Is it fair though that we judge before we even know someone ? personally I don’t think so. We could meet a person for the first time and they may be having a bad day or have a condition that means they have problems communicating with strangers. The feeling we get on first meeting goes way back to our “fight or flight” instinct. Our sixth sense is trying to tell us if this new arrival on the scene can be trusted or do we need to protect ourselves.

So although it may seem odd on the surface that gemstones can help with health issues, it is more to do with helping to purify the energy in our auric field.

Depending on their composition, different crystal and gems help different types of energy and relate to the relevant part of the body.

The 7 energy centres in the body are the chakras.

  • Base Chakra … is red and represents the survival instinct, health and abundance, moving forward in life . …..RED JASPER
  • Sacral Chakra… is dark orange and represents our connection to other people { gut instinct} energy storage and creativity… Carnelian
  • Solar Plexus Chakra… the solar plexus is the physical centre of the body, it represents how we control our emotions and creates our personal power…Citrine
  • Heart Chakra is green and represents trust, love, safety and risk taking ….Malachite
  • Throat Chakra is blue and represents communication with others and the way we receive communication from others….BLUE LACE AGATE
  • Brow Chakra is dark blue and represents the mind, thought, ideas, dreams and psychic ability…LAPIS LAZULI
  • Crown chakra is purple and represents our connection to spirit and imagination. self awareness…AMETHYST

It is essential to keep your chakras in balance or you can experience all kinds of health problems. If they are out of kilter, it can also affect our mood. This is where the saying “keeping your ducks in a row” comes from. Crystals can be worn as jewellery as a way of keeping those ducks in a row, or you can have the crystals sitting around the home. You can also meditate with them around you or actually laying on your body.

QUARTZ crystals are one of the most all round ” make you feel better ” whatever happens to be wrong type crystals. Known to help with …diabetes, emotional negativity and burnout. MS, ME, weight loos, tinnitus, aids meditation and is a good stone for focus of the mind and meditation. Carnelian is another “feel better ” stone that is a good all rounder.

AMETHYST … this also comes under the quartz family and is very pretty. Therefore makes nice ornaments to have around the house and also made into jewellery. Helps with anxiety. keeps you calm, however a psychic once told me not to put amethyst next to your bed as it induces nightmares. Amethyst is very good for any kind of emotional issue really.

CITRINE… lemon in colour and partially see through. good for any kind of digestive disorder. If you suffer nausea through anxiety then this a good gemstone to wear in jewellery.

AMBER… fossilised tree resin. generally prehistoric. Amber is very good for cleansing spaces and can be burnt or worn. clears the mind, body and spirit. Reduces negative emotional blocks. Small amber bracelets can be made for teething babies.

PERIDOT … green in colour, reduces negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and depression. on the physical side it helps with gal bladder complaints, ulcers, crohn’s disease.

LAPIS LAZULI… vivid blue and good for relaxation, calm and relationships. on the physical side it aid hearing loss, skeletal pain , broken bones and fractures.

BLUE LACE AGATE…. pale blue in colour and helps with all things of a spiritual manner.

BLACK OBSIDIAN….linked with male qualities and used in scrying. physically good for digestive disorder and gastroenteritus. Blocks repeating cycles of self destructing behaviour.

SMOKY QUARTZ… brown in colour which comes from the natural radiation of the earth. helps mental activity and intuition. targets joints, knees, hands, feet etc.

LABRADORITE… labradorite is a very beautiful stone and when polished the colours can change according to the light angle. Helps with anxiety and stress. Helps the transmission of energy between the aura and the chakras.

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