Practice in Japan

My daughter told me some time ago about a practice in Japan, where by a therapist on starting a clients course of therapy, would take a beautiful Japanese china bowl and smash it. The idea being that each time the client came for a session they would glue another piece of the bowl back together. When the bowl was completely repaired, the therapist would discharge the client from therapy and give them the bowl to take home. The bowl representing the client was a reminder of when they were broken and how they put themselves back together, the fine lines and slight imperfections made the bowl more interesting and beautiful than before. While the therapy in motion, the half repaired bowl was a kind of progress marker for the client to gauge and watch as they slowly glued themselves and the bowl back together.

This is a brilliant way for anyone in therapy of any kind to visualise progress and have a goal. They can see the bowl becoming whole again each time they go for a therapy session. Not just the therapist making notes on a file that the client never reads. So I am in the process of trying to think of a similar thing for my clients. Maybe a jigsaw puzzle and you put another piece in place each time you have a counselling or hypnotherapy session….. any ideas gratefully received.

send me your ideas in the comments below………