Nobody passes alone

Nobody passes alone

Nobody passes alone
Quite often when somebody close to his passes unexpectedly and we couldn't be there to say our last goodbyes we are left feeling guilty, ashamed, and as if we I've been cheated. For many death is not the end but a transition to the next life.

Having seen so many situations of evidence of the spirit world and the life beyond death, personally I have no choice but to believe it exists. Scepticism is where you only believe when you've seen evidence. Having seen evidence that satisfies my criteria to believe. I feel there is an afterlife. Many people lost loved ones during the pandemic to Covid. Due to isolation and the conditions in hospitals, they could not be with their loved ones at the end.
Nobody passes alone

Grief is something we have to own

Death is only the death of our physical body, our energy lives on. When we can sense the energy around us of those that have passed on, it's not because they're stuck here. If you are a sceptic can I recommend that you watch YouTube videos made by John Edward the medium. He explains that it didn't matter how hard he tried he couldn't steer away from the path of being a psychic medium. Being clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, he describes how as a young man he didn't believe in the afterlife at all.

Being able to sense the energy of those who have passed away can first be disconcerting. We all come from energy and we will go back to being energy everything and everybody gives off energy. When were you born it's not just traumatic for the woman giving birth but for the baby being born also. At the end of labour the baby is met by the people caring for it and its family. The first people a child meets are the people who will care for and love it.

Nobody passes alone

death is a transition

Because our bodies are the vehicle in which Our soul resides, others around us are always able two since our energy. People called sensitive empaths, able to pick up, Sense and read energy. That energy field around their bodies it's called our aura. The spirit or the energy that lives within us. It's our soul that makes us who we are. So in death it's just our physical bodies that die, the spirit lives on. Being a sensitive or an empath can mean that you are able also to sense and communicate with those that have crossed over.

In my own experience, having had a difficult relationship with my mother when she was in the physical. It has unfortunately taken her passing to repair the rift. At first I was mourning the relationship I should've had with her, however our energies have repaired the rift since she crossed to the other side. Many people when they lose a loved one, especially when it's someone they may have recently argued with, had a strained relationship with, seek out a medium. They look for closure. The fact is that closure can never be given.

We are met when we arrive and met when we leave

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If you're regretting the relationship being negative and not being able to reconcile during the physical life why would you want closure just because they have left their physical body. The only thing you can moan and  be grateful for is the fact you can no longer see, touch or relate to them as a physical being. When it comes to reincarnation, for me the jury still out, many believe that we spend some time in the spirit world healing from one physical life and preparing for the next. Not sure yet where I stand with that one.

So if while in the physical life the body ,it's just a vehicle for the soul then we still need to protect our energy whilst in the physical body. That includes looking after ourselves physically because our energy affects our physical health and vice versa. In fact this is quite often how relationships heal once somebody has crossed over to the other side. In the case of my mother she had a lot of negative energy around her due to being dealt a rough hand by life. Coupled with serious physical health conditions. Maybe the physical condition was part of her life lesson and maybe she is learning that now.