The power of silence
End of life planning

Never underestimate your own emotions. Have you ever underestimated how you will feel when something inevitable happens? Grief can manifest is so many surprising ways. For years I felt that my mother’s passing wouldn’t make that much difference to me or the way I live my life. Sounds harsh doesn’t it and you’re right, it is . Our relationship was difficult to say the least. Right back to quite early on in childhood we struggled to understand each other. Neither one of us was solely to blame and I take full responsibility for my part.

Never underestimate your own emotions.

fear has cost us dearly

Fear and anxiety can control your life if you allow it to. Genetic and environmental factors can be to blame but some believe we have lived before. Sometimes we choose to come back to incarnate again with the same souls. De ja vu is common and we all say that we meet certain people throughout our lives that we feel known to. We may not recognise that person physically but we recognise their soul. Auras around us all can be subconsciously read by others. Therefore, do we read each others aura and know we have met before.

Many lives, many masters?

Never underestimate your own emotions

Many of us have been to a psychic or medium for readings and been told that a person in our lives was known to us before. In your current life they maybe a friend but in a previous life they were your spouse. Having been told that my parents in my current life were my parents before. It can be that we need to reincarnate into a relationship with the same soul to rectify a wrong. From my perspective I never knew how to be around my mother. Spending alot of time trying to please her and gain her approval. Pride comes before a fall and hiding your emotions will only harm you. When she passed away it all came to the surface.

Suppressed emotions

Suppressed emotions
SUPPRESSED EMOTION everything is redeemable

emotion that is suppressed is extremely dangerous. It doesn’t matter who you are and how strong you are. The emotions will resurface and it’s never convenient. Fighting fire with fire is never going to mend a rift. It just fuels the negative energy of suppressed emotion. Physical side effects such as migraines, lack of interest and energy. Depression and anxiety breed from suppressed emotion. Any emotions that surface will be magnified and much stronger than when they were bottled. Being head over heart when it comes to close relationships will bite you one day. Your health will suffer and your mental health will perpetuate circles of behaviour that is very damaging. Closing off emotions to that extent is only existing through life, going through the motions.