So tonight I was watching a movie on tv after my shift at the “Mermaid Inn” and it was “paranormal white noise”. On my way home I was thinking about how quickly people forget the lockdown and how grateful they were to go out again, to go back to work, be able to visit a pub or hotel again. Slowly but surely it’s all reverting back to miserable faces on a hot sunny afternoon and the worst of human nature. Why are we, meaning the “human” race inherently arrogant enough to think that it won’t all happen again, and whilst it’s lovely to sit outside with you cold drink with a meal and click your fingers at the staff that have been on their feet for hours with what feels like a gardeners poly tunnel strapped to your face!! What makes humans think that it’s actually ok to treat people like they are beneath them? It has always baffled me, having been on both sides of the coin, I am always nice to waiting staff when I go out, and brought my children up to respect that they are earning a living and it doesn’t mean you can sit and demand. My belief is it all comes down to ego and the basic need to dominate others. Part way through the day I brought out a dog bowl to 2 dogs that sat down with their owners on the patio for a drink. the bowls contained iced water, the appreciation on these dogs faces and the gratitude in their eyes was lovely. So why can’t we show that kind of manners and patience? is it because we expect too much from others these days? We are now bringing up children that have been giving everything they want because in general, we feel as parents, the need to be the best so we jump through hoops to provide and give them everything they want on a plate. A generation are currently on school being taught that education is everything, failure is not an option and don’t get stuck in a “low end ” job. Sure we all want what’s best for our children, but do we? can we actually say that with honesty? Is it best to try and bring up the future of the globe to think that those that wait on tables and work in lower paid professions, ( yes hospitality is a profession) are poorly educated and are second class members of the population.

I am educated, I have several qualifications and yet I choose to go back in time and have a bit a second childhood back in my very first of work. Not because I had to, or I can’t do anything else but because the location is where I grew up. Rushing around is proving good for my health, it is far more important to be happy than in a high paid job that is considered “further up the ladder ” and miserable. Personally I would rather my daughters were happy in what they choose to do in their work lives rather what other’s will consider their professional status is. Is the over riding attitude a throw back to the old society class system? One of my friends is duty manager of the hotel and one night a customer eating in the restaurant said this to her ” I bet you wish now that you had gone to university and got a proper job “…….. REALLY. She held her professionalism and calmly informed him of her education which turned out to out weigh his by a mile ! My grandmother said that the difference between being common or not was behaviour not financial status. She was right. In my view, this gentlemen could afford to stay in our hotel and dine in the restaurant during his stay and so was clearly not living on the breadline, however what he lacked was the decency firstly to keep his opinions to himself in public and not belittle a young woman he had never met before and had no idea of her background. That is just common. You can be born with a silver spoon in your mouth and not have an ounce of common sense or manners. This kind of attitude is pure ego and a clear need to belittle another in order to make himself look clever.

So when we are supposed to be an advanced society do we still feel the need to be above the nest person, or trying to be in charge of everyone around them? Realising and managing to convince myself in my half hour journey home, that not everyone is an egotistic narcasist I decided to do the “netflix and chill” thing as my much younger co workers call it, so back to the movie. The storyline was about a young woman who was trying to prove that the spirit world do not exist and actually discovered that there are several different realities that we live in. Are there different levels of reality or parallel dimensions we can live alternate lives, a bit like Doctor Who. Is the spirit world not for the dead but merely a different level of existence where we do not need a physical body and just live a different way of life. Is death a transition rather than the end?

to be contd