RELATIONSHIPS..are we meant to meet certain people ?

Monogamy, should we be ?

Monogamy, should we be ? the more society evolves the more we tend to bend what the word means. As a matter of fact a monogamous relationship doesn’t always involve sex. Monogamy can just be emotional and many people pin more importance on that than sex and physical loyalty.

Although most people believe that a monogamous relationship involves both emotional loyalty and sexual. Same sex couples seem to be more monogamous than heterosexual. It is believed that men in heterosexual relationships tend to roam and look for physical affection especially elsewhere. The main issue seems to be the first flushes of being in love tending to wear off. A new relationship thrives on the adrenaline and hormone rushes that come with the first throws of love.

Monogamy…what does it mean to you ?

The idea of marrying for love is a fairly new thing. Similarly in our own Royal family the last arranged marriage was Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It’s well known that our future king was very much in love with a married woman. So in that way marriage is seem as now a religious contract of sorts.

monogamy.. what does it mean to you?
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The human relationship has been through many evolutions

Humans don’t naturally marry or mate for life. We tend to have one than one life partner now. So serial monogamy has become the normal way and accepted way of being. As a matter of fact males are supposed to go from one female to the next in order to mate and produce children. having ideally just one sexual partner throughout your adult life or a few as possible is preferred. Similarly we have become more in tune with our emotions and heartache is something we try to ignore at all costs. Coupled with the unpleasant side effects of losing a partner has become more and more emotionally recognised.


With the rise of spirituality and religion, jealousy has become a hugely negative influence of many relationships. coming about when we want something that someone else has. Similarly when another person tries to take what we have and that includes loved ones. It’s true that both sexes are both territorial when it comes to our intimate partner, same sex couples tend to have more intense territorial feelings. Possibly because it has taken this long for society to accept them. Defensive attitude makes the jealousy more intense. Where we seemed to accept heterosexual couples easier. But why?

Have we really learnt anything?

It seems that we still have much to learn about our relationships. However is there any correct way to live? We keep trying other people’s idea of the perfect relationship. Still not finding a way to be perfectly happy, is that even possible? Should we have one partner from early adulthood for life? Why do we even idealise that way of living? Marrying for life was my intention. Many of us look to that as an aim and it does seem that we see it as a failure if we divorce.