MIX SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY ?? PART ONE in this series of posts we look at mixing science and spirituality. They can and in my view should work hand in hand. These strange periods in our lives when daily life changes dramatically. More over is the fact we have little control over them. So disorientating are the changes being felt on a global scale. The ramifications of the current global pandemic will be felt for two generations to come. Coupled with the mental issues stemming from money problems, loneliness, anxiety and depression. In actual fact it’s not just about the virus. Not to mention, we all seem to be obsessed with it. One reason for this maybe upbringing. In the light of being brought up not to put money before health and humanity, is it any wonder?

think back in history


Let’s think back in history for a minute. Every so often there is some kind of population shrinking event. Of course the cataclysm comes in the form of a plague, war or natural disaster. We know that looking further down the line at the economic future isn’t compassionate but the facts are the facts. Similarly the country has been bankrupt before. The problem with this time will be the global economic down turn means borrowing will be difficult for all governments. In light of that we HAVE to think further ahead than when the loss of life is less alarming. In second place to the loss of life comes the loss of liberties being felt. Growing civil unrest is slowly growing in the background. As a result there are job loses in like of the winter of discontent. Again we need to look back in history for the answers.

life is a journey
the journey of life.


MIX SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY ?? PART ONE in this series of posts we look at mixing science and spirituality. They can and in my view should work hand in hand. As a result we could find a way to stop history repeating itself because we could actually learn the lessons taught by these difficult times. Of course there is the economic issues and loss of life, but what about the social setbacks? we have to ask ourselves if the virus is really the problem or is it just highlighting the issues already there?

THE HOMELESS .. why is it the homeless can be housed in lockdown.

Under normal circumstances the homeless are left to fend for themselves apart from the odd charitable drop in center. Again lack of resources are the excuses given. My question then is why can the resources be found at the drop of a hat because we are in the middle of a pandemic ? Is it not more to do with the age old human condition. The less we have to do the less we want to do. Nothing happens for a while so we can’t be bothered to look for issues to solve when they are endless. Why does the world have to reach crisis point before anything is done. Again, I ask is the virus merely highlighting what we should be addressing under normal circumstances? Nobody should be sleeping rough in this day and age.


DIVORCE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ARE UP many couples are forced to spend time together in lockdown

Domestic violence and divorce are on the rise because marriages and relationships that are already on the rocks are pressured further during the current social restrictions. Few will actually use that time to talk through their problems. More to the point is they are forced to spend more time together and for some that extra time can be dangerous. As a result this is yet another issue being thrown into the foreground by the pandemic. Job losses and financial strain are breaking a marriage or relationship already at breaking point. Of course many couple stay together for the sake of the kids. Working and normal routine some how allows one day to roll into another and before you know it another year has gone. Have you done anything about the fact your marriage is broken…… nope!!

PART TWO what’s real and what’s in our minds?

what's real and what's in our minds