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Mirroring your partner's emotions ?

Mirroring your partner’s emotions….Mirroring your partner’s emotions can strengthen your bond. Developing an understanding of each other that runs deep. In light of it being very rare to have both partners in the relationship as empaths, we will look for the point of view of one.

Mirroring your partner's emotions
What triggers you? Are you an empath?

The partner with normal levels of emotion ( whatever normal is ?!) is left wondering how on earth their significant other always seems to know what they are feeling. Moreover they seem to know even when their loved one outwardly displays something different .

Living with an empath can be a little intense at times as their emotions can be a little dramatic. Tending to be for better or worse at least you always know where you stand with them. Leaving your partner thinking ” what the hell was that all about ” seems to be something us empaths are good at. Remember thought at we are displaying our own emotions and most likely yours mixed in with them.,They%20Don%E2%80%99t%20Fit%20In.%20…%20More%20items…%20

Mirroring your partner’s emotions


Over sensitive is an understatement!! We feel what you do but intensified. If you feel rubbish then so do we. If we don’t know how to separate your emotions from our own we will be feeling twice as rubbish! It’s also true that empaths sometimes need time to be alone. Time to just be themselves. Feel our own emotions and just those. Importantly, always remember not to take this personally. It’s very unlikely you have done anything wrong. Empaths have to be very careful to avoid burn out. Having experienced mental and emotional burn out on a few occasions , It’s essential to avoid it at all costs. Burn out is hell not just for the person suffering it but their loved ones around them too. It can manifest quite quickly and seems like they have suffered a power cut. The lights go out .

emotional and mental burn out

Mirroring your partner’s emotions

So what should you do if you live with or are in a relationship with an empath and their lights go out? First and foremost, DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. The isolation of your empath will last longer because they will feel guilty for making you feel bad. When they are in “burn out” it’s like locking themselves in a dark room. If you perceive their retreat as their withdrawal from the relationship, that’s exactly what they will end up doing because they feel powerless at that time to pull you back.

You both end up yearning for the days when you both felt “at one ” with each other. With this much negative energy coming from both of you, the relationship will likely break down.

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