how and why do we lose memory

How and why do we lose our memory ? have you ever experienced memory loss ? there are so many reasons and conditions that may result in us losing our memory long term or short term. We have all made jokes about forgetful people or even made fun at ourselves when we forget the simplest thing. But it can be very distressing for the person experiencing it and those around them.

So how and why do we lose our memories?

Sometimes it’s age related, that as the our bodies age then so will our brains. So why doesn’t our spirit age with it. Well, that just proves our brain ages but our personality, character and that which makes us “us” can stay young. Just like the hard drive in a computer, the subconscious part of the brain that stores our memories, can become over loaded. This is caused when a person goes through a lot of trauma and emotional overload. When we have any kind of emotional experience the brain processes how it makes us feel and whether it is an experience we want to remember and store.

the brain decides what it wants to remember

Do we actually lose them ?

Sometimes though it can store information that we would rather forget because it was traumatic. This is because it has either been so traumatic that it has made chemical and physical changes to the brains construction. This is especially common when traumas occur in childhood when the brain is still developing. These are called trauma loops or paths. These trauma loops can change the way we process our thoughts and emotions forever. In recent years there have been many advances in psychology training and education. The more knowledge we have of what makes us tick, then the more we can understand human nature and behavior . Trauma paths are how conditions such as PTSD or “shell shock” came to be known and treated.

your mind can go into overload

In the next post tomorrow we will look at how emotions and the memories attached to them can surface years later when you thought you have forgotten them…..