meditation course
Meditation Course

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The meditation course is now available when you click on the link and order yours. Meditation is brilliant for self help. If you have been having hypnotherapy, meditation is the perfect follow up. If used in between therapy sessions, it will enhance the effect. In some cases it can even speed up progress.

Pain management

Meditation is very effective at giving the mind another focus than pain. Also when we are in pain, it is natural to tense up. We all do it. Meditation relaxes all the muscles and nerves. As a result, the pain eases. If you are having hypnotherapy for pain management seek your GP’s advice. Hypnotherapy and meditation are not a substitute for medication. Your GP will know the right dose of such medication.

Is meditation safe ?

Completely. It is merely a deep sense of relaxation. Your brain waves change to that of being close to sleep. All the muscles and nerves relax. It is impossible to get stuck in this state of relaxation and your conscious mind is still awake.

Be at peace with yourself
Be at peace with yourself Hypnotherapy Sessions

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Hypnotherapy is a deeper state of relaxation than meditation. It’s more of a trance state. In my other profession I have used it for driving test nerves. It has been very effective in that way. By teaching yourself to meditate, you are controlling your mind. The difference with hypnotherapy ? not everyone is open to the power of suggestion. If you want this form of therapy to be effective, you have to be open to it. In the next couple of weeks I am uploading some hypnotherapy videos for you to try at home.