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Meditation course now available

Meditation audios for members .You can then make the most of the Bank holiday weekend and relax properly. Reflect on the year so far. Focus your mind on the present and future. Meditation is something you cannot get wrong. It can only be of benefit. You have nothing to lose.

As well as the meditation course that is now available when you follow the link above. I am going to uploads some meditation audios that I have recorded myself. There will be notification when they are ready for you to download.

meditation audios

Meditation is an effective tool when used alongside hypnotherapy in particular. In my capacity as a Driving Instructor, I am finding it very useful for general road anxiety and driving test nerves. That big day that brings up so many mixed feelings. Excitement that you may come away from the test centre with a full driving licence. The fear that you could actually be legally allowed to drive without supervision after that day. The hope that you will have the freedom and independence you have been working towards. So much riding on that one day and how you perform in that 40 minutes. We all have stressful periods in life. It’s one of the things that prove to us we are thinking, feeling beings. Humans crave independence and freedom. We all put ourselves under pressure to achieve. Nobody likes failure, but the art of relaxation will help you bear it better.

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meditation can enhance relationships
http://The Importance of Doing Nothing: Art of Relaxation

Learn as much as you can about relaxation

The art of relaxation is, I believe, a life skill. There are so many ways in which you can relax. Hobbies, going for walks, connecting with nature. Spend time with loved ones. Learning how to relax properly can help you to relax your partner in intimate relationships also. If you are both relaxed then your relationship will grow and you will be in tandem with each other.

dogs are great
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Dogs are great!!!

Dogs know how to chill. They are also great relaxation partners. Having a dog means you have to get up and care for your dog. They are great for those suffering with depression and anxiety because they are loyal and loving whatever mood we are in. If you have depression they make you get out of bed and care for them. You have to exercise them so it in turn means you exercise with them. These furry therapists make great meditation partners. They love it