LIFE BEYOND PHYSICAL DEATH…. is it a dream? it’s a beautiful dream, but is it a trick of the mind to help our ending? If you look at all the major religions there is a believe in life after physical death in form or another. Similarly, that soul does not die with the body. Death is a transition to the next life. In the first place most believe that we leave the physical body we occupy and enter the spirit realm. More over there is a blanket belief in some kind of energy, body, force of good and evil. Love conquers all.


Click on the link to read an interesting article on life after death. There is a growing idea that death is a transition and not the end. Furthermore, when we enter into the light, there is only love and no judgement. That would certainly be something to look forward to. It can’t be denied that there is plenty of judgement in the physical. So does the universe consist of many levels or dimensions? As we know the universe consists of energy, it came from energy. In fact, what religion calls God and Satan or the Devil, are representatives of the good and evil energies that are all around us and within us.

myths and legends of good and evil

LIFE BEYOND PHYSICAL DEATH…….good and bad energies are the foundations of everything

For some reason us ladies have always been seen as sirens and mermaids that lure men into dangers. Mermaids were a legend of the sea where they would sit on the rocks. More over they would wave to the ships as they went by. Of course the sailors could never resist and would end up meeting their doom on the rocks. Similarly the devil can take a pleasing shape and we can be fooled into taking the wrong or dangerous path in the pursuit of something attractive.

LIFE BEYOND PHYSICAL DEATH…….we live in our minds

we live in our minds

What’s in our minds is real. As a result , there are times when we find it difficult to decide what is real and what isn’t. Is everything real if it exists in our minds. Likewise, It is our mind that knows we exist at all. It can’t just be that we live, we die. That’s it !! surely not, what would be the point of that? We learn different things all the time, everyday. In light of the rich layers to all our lives what would be the point of it all if we didn’t go on after the physical death of our bodies ? what would we do with our consciousness? What we have learned in that lifetime? If our souls are eternal then where do they go once out of the body?

Have you ever had any experiences that left you convinced there is the distinct possibility of the afterlife and another life? I have and many thousands of people have. The soul or spirit is housed in the mind . We create our own existence.

life in between life


All things considered, how do we know when we are dreaming or awake ?