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Learning more on histrionic disorder

If you have a loved one that tends to make rash decisions on an all too common basis, this could also be a sign of histrionic personality disorder. We should all look before we late but these guys don't give it a second thought, they just Jump in. Along with this comes the delightful character trait of shallow emotion. This is another symptom that tends to be confused with narcissism. Not wanting to give their all to anybody mainly for the fear of abandonment. One of the most common signs of histrionic personality disorder or attention seeking threats. Those that threatened to leave their partner or or harm themselves for attention seeking personal purposes are generally diagnosed with This disorder. Therefore would we put attempted suicide in this category?

Learning more on histrionic disorder

These people have to be the centre of attention. Centre stage in all things. Patient suffering with histrionic personality disorder are very easily influenced by those around them. Tending to dramatise stories about themselves to seem more interesting to others is also common. Self  dramatisation Is generally a personality trait displayed by those suffering with this disorder. Feeling the need to be accepted and interesting to those they want to impress.

This disorder is in a lot of ways very close To narcissistic personality disorder narcissism. Treatment that is most effective is cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Correcting behaviour and re-learning different ways of dealing with social interactions seems to be the best way forward. This particular disorder seems to develop from a misplaced childhood . Parental abandonment can lead to a child and adolescent feeling but they need to be someone different in order to be loved. If one parent leaves the family unit this can make a child feel as if it was their fault. Therefore leading to an adult that feels abandonment and tries to be somebody they are not.

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Histrionic vs Narcissism

Environmental causes of histrionic disorder


It's common for children to want to please, impress and be accepted by the parents. This is not always always the case, but in many situations seems to be the foundation for this disorder to develop. Luckily it can be easily corrected with therapy and the patient can break the cycle of behaviour, therefore not passing it on to the next generation.