children are showing growing anger issues

Latent Rage is a behavior issue and it can be controlled. How we respond to any given situation is a choice we make. Children are becoming more aggressive because it’s learnt behavior. So why is anger and aggression a growing issue? is the rat race getting more stressful?

latent anger

causes of anger are many and in children it can be stopped if dealt with early. All toddlers have their tantrums but they can be taught it’s not the way to get what they want. Left unchecked it can not only cause the child significant relationship issues as they go into adulthood. Physical symptoms and conditions will also appear as they get older. Back pain, headaches and migraines, sleep problems and stomach upsets.

Aggression toward their peers is a sign that a problem could be starting to evolve. If the child is witness to anger and aggression at home, this could be behind the acting out. Teaching is the best way to cut any behavioral patterns down before they get a hold. Rewards especially of your attention for good behavior. Ignoring bad behavior in very small children is a good start. Bad behavior that persists into adolescence and adulthood should then carry consequence.

Anger and aggression

Latent Rage

Rage and anger tends to be either a smoke screen for a person’s true feelings or frustration. Currently frustration is a huge issue. People having their freedom curtailed and all the issues that go with the pandemic. Response to emotional pain is rare because anger tends to be hurt pride. There’s a difference. Aggression comes from anger and is 100% choice. Anger is a normal response to intense emotion. Aggression is a decision.

Instrumental aggression

Gaslighting is when a person close to you uses you as a mirror for their own flaws. Those with low self esteem are targets for gaslighting. Instrumental aggression is used as a weapon of the gaslighter. Getting aggressive to make their partner back down is very common. Cheating partners are known for instrumental aggression. Preventing their partner confronting the issue their goal.

those feeling real pain
those in real emotional pain

Real emotional pain tends to make us withdraw from the world. As a matter of fact, anger is more to do with hurt pride. Coupled with the inherent basic toddler behavior when another takes what we believe is ours. None of us are entitled to another person. We belong only to ourselves. Being territorial over people or possessions is very basic and is controllable.

Latent Rage

resulting from suppressed anger. Latent rage is outbursts of aggression/ anger that builds up. This must be controlled as it is dangerous. Rage and tantrums in a very young child is not physically threatening. When that toddler is 6ft tall and built like a brick privy it’s a new ball game. Channeling old wounds and allowing them to heal. Make sure you have processed all the emotions connected. When we go through times of frustration such as now, try and find things to do that keep you busy. Boredom breeds frustration. Losing loved ones and livelihoods. So many intense emotions and build up of suppressed energy. It needs to be released in a healthy and productive way,

there is light at the end of the tunnel
there is light at the end of the tunnel.

there is light at the end of the tunnel. Why not see this period of time given to us . Time to revaluate. Importantly using it to start a new hobby. Spend time with family at home. Similarly sit and think about whether you were on the right path before the pandemic hit. Indeed the focus is on health so is your general health needing attention. In your normal routine, are you like me and say you don’t have time to exercise.