keep sight of the bigger picture
How others see us

Keep hold of the bigger picture. Not always easy is it. Everyday life can keep us in a rut for years if we ignore the signs. Even if we know we are unhappy, climbing out of the rut can be more uncomfortable than staying in it. Or so it can seem when you can’t see the bigger picture. Looking further down the line and seeing how life would be after the initial storm. When you look at arguments or conflicts in your own life and the reasons. Then look at the conflicts between countries. The reasons are always the same. Money, bad communication and ego. Human pride will get us all into trouble at some point in our lives.

Seeing the bigger picture

Being able to see the bigger picture is always a case of perception. We look around us and notice the little issues. The car breaking down, the jobs that need doing around the house. All the issues that are always dealt with in the end but when we are tired seem huge. Quite often it seems easier to worry about the small things and ignore the real issue. having done this myself for many years, I can see it in others. If we can summon the courage to look at a bigger picture and deal with the real issue, the smaller ones melt into the background. They become insignificant and what we see as problems changes dramatically.

Keep hold of the bigger picture

Near death experiences tend to change a person. Part of them actually dies. Anyone who goes through a near death experience comes back a new person but not a new soul. Quite often an event will cause the person to come very close to physical death. My own experience was in childbirth. The process is very similar in all those that experience it. The spirit leaves the body and travels to the light. In many versions the patient describes being in the universe surrounded by light and energy.

life review

In many cases the event that leads to the NDE is brought about by a life path gone astray. That brings the soul back to it’s original course. Many describe a life review of their life so far. Including my own experience, NDE’s take away the fear of death. Any pain you are in at the time just melts away. There is no fear or tears.

Deceased loved ones are there to meet you. Taking you to a place where you feel safe before you see events from your life so far. There is probably a lesson that needs to be learned or information that needs to be taken back and carried forward. The sacrifice comes when you have to come back. The peace and tranquility of the love we experience while away is a memory. We know we will go back there but we still have work to do here.

“Must I go back “

In my case it was come back and raise my two daughters. There were still many people I was meant to help before I could leave my physical body for good. I have to admit I didn’t want to come back at all. In fact, once you are back on earth and in your physical body again, pain returns. Moreover all this new information you have is buzzing around in your mind. The responsibility of what to do with it comes next. I came back with the ability to see the bigger picture and it changed my life and those around me.

What a day !

There’s always worse than your life

There is always someone going through something worse than you. For some reason though when the poo hits the fan of life we always believe we are the only ones suffering. Humans love to wallow in their own mud. Periodically I stop watching the news because it’s becomes too depressing and anxiety driven. However it can help to put our own lives in perspective when we have a fit of the ” life ain’t fairs”. Life’s not fair but it won’t always be that way and we can choose to make it less so. Positivity can be found in any event or situation if we really look for it. There is always something positive we can take away from each painful ending we must endure.