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Writing a diary? Does it help mental health?
Journals and do they help?
Many people use a journal as therapy. To record their inner most thoughts feelings and events in their life. Reading somebody else's diary or journal is seen has the worst invasion of privacy. Of course somebody else's thoughts ,feelings and behaviours is private. Sometimes however sharing them can help others to feel less isolated. For some reason it's human nature that we all think we are the only one suffering. Of course we are the only one living our life, however everything we do, say, think and feel affects those around us.

Having been diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder, it took until the age 46 to gain that diagnosis. At the age of 12 I developed skin rashes and involuntary vomiting whenever anxious. Having been discouraged from crying as a child to express any kind of sadness, frustration or pain.
The physical manifestation of suppressed emotion found another way to manifest. Suppressing emotion especially negative is detrimental to your physical health. Writing a journal can indeed help. That doesn't necessarily mean that we want other people to read it. However if you can find the courage to allow others to see parts of your life that you feel may help them with this then where is the home.

Journals and do they help?

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SUPPRESSED EMOTION everything is redeemable
The energy we give off as we go about our day-to-day business, depending on the mood we are in, relates directly to our environment and those around us. So your energy stays with the energy of those around you, their energy mixes with those around them and so it goes on. Globally at the moment we are all experiencing an upsurge in negative energy. The global events cause a negative atmosphere around the globe the causes events like the Ukraine war, and was before it to develop And boil over. Why do we choose people four positions of great power, that clearly have issues that affect the decision-making.

Obviously everybody has positive and negative sides to their personality. None of us are perfect. And those that want to be in power, those who stand to be elected, will almost certainly have prevalent egotistical traits and elevated ideas of their own grandor. Should this much responsibility and power be given to so few people. Take the current issues between Russia and the Ukraine as a prime example. The Russian Premier, believes that he is fighting to take part land belonging to Russia. But does any piece of land truly belong to any of us, after all the planet we live on is merely loaned to us. Nobody has absolute rights over any country. The issue with allowing somebody with blinkered vision to the point where mass murder is taking place in their name, is that this kind of person has to win. If they feel they are losing, this backs  them into the corner. If they will not stop killing anybody, then they will stop at nothing to get what they believe is theirs.

Keeping a diary or journal

You are not a drop in the ocean
The problem with the human race is that we all think we're right and everybody else is wrong. It is very difficult to live without allowing your ego to take over. Even the most modest of people, sometimes make decisions based on their ego. We are taught to have pride in everything we do and therefore sometimes decisions are made through pride and pride alone. So where is the Boundry of war when the two sides involved will stop at nothing. Does this make them psychopaths? There is such a thing as the collective consciousness. This is where the energy circulating within small circles becomes the same as the energy circulating the globe. When the news is constantly depressing and everybody starts to think on a negative level, it's very difficult to get back out of that until it's boiled over. This is how World War II happened. Countries warring between themselves always creates a danger of the conflict spreading on a global basis.

Reading your own diary years later

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Reflection is quite often good therapy. If you are having a period where you feel stuck and in a rut the reading a diary or journal from a few years or even months ago can show you how far you have come.

Journals and do they help?

I have piles of journals I have written over the years, And until recently I thought I was the only person who processed emotion the way I do in the last few years particularly I've learnt that's not true. So maybe publishing chosen parts, may help somebody who feels isolated and feels they are the only person feeling a similar way about similar situation. The fact is we all live similar lives in one way or another. Some may seem as though they live in a blessed life when behind closed doors situation is vastly different. You never know what battles somebody is fighting until you're close enough to them to go behind that closed door. I've never agreed with living a life that is false. The life that you think everybody wants you to live, the life you think everybody wants to see you in. Living your life for other people it's never true. Simply because our perception of what we think others want us to do quite often wrong. Because we are seeing the world through our perception not theirs. This is where being an empath can come in handy, giving you a Birdseye view of everybody else's for you.