it all comes out in the end

It all comes out in the end? we all insist on taking the stiff upper approach to life to a point where we even convince ourselves that certain emotions don’t exist at all. From my point of view I think it’s in the hope they will go away if we ignore them . Wrong! Looking at the image above, imagine the waterfall represents the unconscious mind when the flood gates open. We have to deal with them eventually to keep our sanity.

Facing the truth,in%20mood%20swings%2C%20unexplained%20sadness%2C%20and%20mild%20depression.

Your subconscious and unconscious mind have to be like the pool in front of the waterfall. Calm and serene. In light of that we need to allow the flood gates to open every so often. Much of of the way our minds work can be seen in nature and the universe. Simplicity is the answer. Coupled with self knowledge.

It all comes out in the end?

Just like a truth that always becomes common knowledge in the end, we are made to face our fears and failures. Importantly the way we deal with them is key. Deal with them we always must. Manifestation of suppressed emotion is different in everyone. Meltdown is the most common. Basically it’s a very dramatic panic attack. Normally triggered by something relatively minor pushing you over the edge. Having been there many times myself it makes you feel like life will never be the same. Perspective is not something you have at that point in time. Nothing is right, nothing makes sense and your mood goes downhill like water down a plughole. Experience of this means you know what is happening but when the mind set getting settled in there’s not much stopping it.

serenity is a good place to start

Once the pot has boiled over all you want to do is sleep. That horrible bit at the end of a good crying session when you can hardly speak for catching your breathe. You are not going insane, you are not the only one it happens to. Your mind is actually protecting itself. Allow it to happen and pamper yourself afterwards. It’s not silly and there is nothing wrong with you. Burn out is no joke and so suppressing emotion for too long will only make the end result worse. In my experience “burn out ” came after ignoring my own feelings for years. I spent a fortnight in hospital after vomiting solidly for a month. My mind so over loaded the only thing it could make me do was stop completely. Never let it get to that point .